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As a photographer, I am constantly striving to capture love. Genuine emotion; genuine connection — that’s what I hope you’ll see in my pictures. Let me tell you what love means to me. It is the moment I wake up to find my husband, Josh, next to me; it’s when we laugh for hours about nothing. It’s the freedom Josh gives me to be me: the goofy one who dances to the dishwasher, sings the wrong lyrics to songs on the radio, spills food on myself and leaves half-full (always half-full… never half-empty!) glasses of water throughout the house. Josh says it drives him mad (just like his silly Chandler Bing comments sometimes make me crazy), but I know deep down he loves it!

Our dog Murray has just as many quirks as we do. He loves lettuce, sleeping in the sun, sitting like a human and running like a mad dog across our apartment. He makes us smile on the good days and the bad days.

At home you’ll find me carrying around my ratty old yellow blanket with tea in hand in search of a comfortable corner in which to curl up. The sofas may not match, and my office is in the dining room, but my perfectly imperfect life is just the way I like it. Every day I know I am blessed to have experienced this amount of love.

You can reach me at: Follow me on Twitter here. And you can find me on Facebook here.

I’m currently based in Phoenix, AZ and available for travel worldwide!

OK, enough with the links! Oh, wait, just one more… my photo is by the amazing Josh Solar.


josh solar - I love the new look! Michelle really does awesome work, and I REALLY can’t wait to get you some awesome country-fied photos :)

Leah Bockelman - Julie, I LOVE your work! You have some amazing shots, it would be great to exchange some ideas sometime… :)

I just have to say, reading your “about me” section — I do the exact same thing and leave 1/2 glasses of water ALL over the house. It drives my hubby nuts! I don’t know why I do it, but have ever since I was little. I’m happy to see someone has the same little habit as me… ;)

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