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Allie and Jesse

Allie is a good friend I met while working in Hartford, CT. When I first met her she told me about this guy she was crazy about named Jesse. The truth is these two have not had an easy relationship. They’ve spent the majority of it commuting from Nebraska to North Carolina then Connecticut to […]

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A letter to Myself

Dear Me, I want to remember what I’m feeling today in hope that if I write it down then I can let go. This is not a post for sympathy, encouragement or even kind words.┬áIt’s to prove these feelings are normal; everyone has them, some more than others. I’m a self doubter, I’ve always been. […]

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Murray Monday Our Walks

My favorite moments of the summer have been on my walks with Murray and Josh. For a whole 30 minutes the world slows down and the voices in my head stop. There is no one reminding me of all the things on my to do list or of everything that is ahead. During these walks […]

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James and LeDawna Second Shooting

One Saturday I returned home from an early morning portrait session to get a text from my friend Andy (CueMotion, Videographer, he rocks!). He told me the photographer for the wedding he was at didn’t have a second shooter. At first I thought, nah, this is my Saturday off from weddings, but then I realized […]

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My Everest

I love the show Scrubs. I have watched reruns over and over (thank goodness we own it on dvd!). I find myself comparing moments of my life to situations that happen on the show. I’m a dork. I’ll come out and say it. There has been a lot of stress in our life lately. It […]

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