Sedgwick County, Kansas - Townships Map (2024)

See a Google Map with township boundaries and find township by address with this free, interactive map tool. Optionally also show township labels, U.S. city limits and county lines on the map.

Quickly answer ‘What township is this address in’ and ‘What township do I live in’ anywhere in Sedgwick County, Kansas

To find township by address, type the address into the Search places box above the map.

Quick Tips for using this Sedgwick County, Kansas Civil Townships map tool

  1. There are four ways to get started using this Sedgwick County, Kansas Civil Townships map tool
    • In the “Search places” box above the map, type an address, city, etc. and choose the one you want from the auto-complete list
    • Click the map to see the township name for where you clicked (Monthly Contributors also get Dynamic Maps)
    • To search using GPS coordinates use the “Find lat long” box in the top right above the map*
    • Click the button in the upper right corner of the map to use your current location. Click the button again to automatically update your location every 1, 5 or 10 minutes (Monthly Contributors also get an option to update every several seconds, shown as ◉A for Active).**
    Township boundary lines will draw on the map, and the township name, state name, country name and latitude/longitude for your chosen location will appear above the map
  2. Check the “Show labels” checkbox in the lower left corner of the map to see the civil township labels on the map
  3. NEW! Use the SHOW OTHER LAYERS panel in the lower left corner of the map to show county lines, US city limits and US ZIP Codes on the map, overlaid on the civil townships map
  4. Subscribe to receive notification of tool updates and usage tips

* You can search using various formats of latitude longitude, including degrees, minutes and seconds; degrees and decimal minutes; or decimal degrees
** The “Locate” button will be more accurate on smartphones and other devices containing a GPS; desktop browsers typically show an approximate location

Why would you need a map with civil township boundaries?

Here are several example uses for civil townships on Google Maps (see disclaimer):

  • Local Governance: Understanding township boundaries helps residents know which local government they fall under, aiding in civic engagement and accessing township services and resources.
  • Land and Property Insights: For potential land buyers, farmers, and real estate agents, township boundaries provide clarity on land ownership, zoning regulations, and potential utility services.
  • Tax Implications: Different townships might have varying tax rates or structures. Seeing these boundaries aids residents and businesses in navigating local tax responsibilities.
  • Historical Context: Many townships have deep-rooted histories and traditions. Recognizing these boundaries can offer insights into local historical events and regional stories.
  • Cultural Exploration: Just as with cities, townships often have their unique local cultures, festivals, and events. Knowing township borders can enrich cultural experiences.
  • Infrastructure Planning: For urban planners and developers, township boundaries play a pivotal role in understanding local infrastructure needs and future development plans.
  • Emergency Response: In emergencies, knowing township jurisdictions ensures a coordinated and swift response from local emergency services.
  • Business Opportunities: Entrepreneurs can strategize better by recognizing township boundaries, considering local needs and preferences.
  • Environmental Studies: Researchers looking into local ecosystems, farming practices, or conservation efforts can benefit from clearly defined township areas.
  • Educational Relevance: Educators and students studying local geography, governance, or history can leverage township maps for a clearer understanding of the subject matter.
  • Community Building: Grassroots movements, community organizers, and local NGOs can focus their efforts more effectively within specific townships.
  • Transport and Connectivity: For logistics and transportation businesses, township boundaries can be crucial for route planning, especially in rural or semi-rural areas.

Find Civil Townships by radius or by drawing a line or shape

  • To find Civil Townships within a radius or near a line or shape you draw*:
    1. Click the “Selection Tools” button in the lower left corner of the map
    2. – RADIUS SELECT: To find Townships within a radius, specify the mileage in the “Select map features within x miles of the shapes I draw” box, then use the Point “Add a marker” tool to draw the center point of the radius
      – TOUCHING A LINE OR SHAPE: To find Townships that touch a line or a shape you draw, use the Line tool or Shape tool to draw the shape, double-clicking when finished
      – WITHIN DISTANCE OF A LINE OR SHAPE: To find Townships that are within a distance of a line or a shape you draw, first specify the mileage in the “Select map features within x miles of the shapes I draw” box, then use the Line tool or Shape tool to draw the shape, double-clicking when finished
    3. The Townships and township limits will be highlighted and listed in a “Results from map” box below the map, where you can copy the selected Townships for use in a spreadsheet or other document
      – Optionally, keep drawing shapes to select more Townships
    4. When you are finished selecting Townships, click the “Done Selecting” button in the lower left corner of the map

    * Townships will get selected if any part of the shape you draw falls within the township boundaries

FAQs for Sedgwick County, Kansas - Townships Map

Does Google Maps show Sedgwick County, Kansas township boundaries?

This Sedgwick County, Kansas civil townships map tool shows Sedgwick County, Kansas township boundaries on Google Maps. You can also show township name labels on the map by checking the box in the lower left corner of the map.

How do I view an interactive map of Sedgwick County, Kansas township boundaries or town lines?

This Sedgwick County, Kansas civil townships map tool shows Sedgwick County, Kansas township boundaries on Google Maps. Other tools on this website also show city limits, townships, section township range, ZIP Codes, elevation and more.

Why might I need to know the Sedgwick County, Kansas township for a given place or address?

You might need to know the Sedgwick County, Kansas township for an address to: - determine applicable laws or regulations based on township jurisdiction - determine what Sedgwick County, Kansas township an address is located in or if it is outside of a township - determine what county or counties a township is located in - record township information when conducting field research using GPS coordinates (see * above) - perform volunteer work based on township - perform emergency dispatch based on township - calculate the correct local township sales tax

How do I find Sedgwick County, Kansas township by address?

To find the Sedgwick County, Kansas township for an address, type the address in the 'Search places' box above this Sedgwick County, Kansas civil townships Finder map tool. the Sedgwick County, Kansas township name appears near the top of the map and the blue dot shows the location of the address on the map.

What is my Sedgwick County, Kansas township? What Sedgwick County, Kansas township do I live in?

To find your Sedgwick County, Kansas township using your address, type your address in the 'Search places' box above this map.

Looking for the township you are in right now? Try the new WHAT TOWNSHIP AM I IN tool!

Coverage Notes

  • Civil townships includes the boundaries of Civil townships, also called township limits, town lines, or township borders. New England, New York and Wisconsin typically refer to townships as towns, and Michigan uses charter townships.
    Townships with the following US Census Bureau minor civil division (county subdivision) class codes are shown:
    – T1: Governmentally active minor civil division (MCD) or county subdivision that is not coextensive with an incorporated place (this is often a township)
    – T5: An active county subdivision that is coextensive with an incorporated place
    – T9: An inactive county subdivision
    – Z1: A nonfunctioning county subdivision
    – Z2: A county subdivision that is coextensive with an American Indian, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian area and legally is independent of any other county subdivision
    – Z3: A county subdivision defined as an unorganized territory
  • “Show US city limits” draws all incorporated cities and towns in the United States and its territories and possessions
  • “Show county lines” in Counties in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa

Civil Township boundaries depicted include the following types of townships for each state

American Samoa county
Arkansas township
Connecticut town
Guam municipality
Illinois township, precinct
Indiana township, unorganized territory
Iowa township, unorganized territory
Kansas township
Louisiana district
Maine gore, plantation, reservation, town, unorganized territory
Maryland district
Massachusetts town
Michigan township
Minnesota township, unorganized territory
Mississippi district
Missouri township
Nebraska precinct, township
New Hampshire grant, location, purchase, town, township
New Jersey township
New York borough, reservation, town, unorganized territory
Northern Mariana Islands district
North Carolina township, unorganized territory
North Dakota township, unorganized territory
Ohio township
Pennsylvania township
Puerto Rico barrio, barrio-pueblo
Rhode Island town
South Dakota township, unorganized territory
Tennessee district
Vermont gore, grant, town
Virginia district
West Virginia district
Wisconsin town

Other Notes

  • The Search places box uses a standard Google Maps geocoding engine, therefore you can type street addresses, road names, points of interest, etc. to see what township that location is part of
  • Many of the map layers from which this information is extracted are very large, so it may take several seconds for all of the map layers to finish drawing
  • Because the map layers are large, boundaries will not be shown if you are zoomed out too far
  • Note that typing an address will zoom in the map very close, whereas typing a city or township by itself will show you a map with a wider view

Want to create a Sales Territory, Service Area or Delivery Area map based on ZIP Codes — all overlaid on Google Maps?


– US: Census Bureau

Also, check out the ZIP Codes tool on this website. ZIP Code mapping made easy.


Accuracy and Limitations: The information provided by this map tool has been obtained from various public data sources shown in the Sources box above. These sources have varying degrees of reliability and completeness and are subject to change over time. Additionally, while the latitude and longitude values displayed by the map marker suggest a high degree of precision, you should be aware that the underlying Google Maps and source data may not reflect this level of accuracy nor precision.

No Legal or Surveying Use: Due to these potential inaccuracies, this tool is not intended for, and must not be used for, legal, surveying, or any critical decision-making purposes. The information is provided on an as-is basis for general reference and entertainment purposes only. For specific inquiries regarding data accuracy or fitness for use, please consult the original data sources. For decisions requiring precise location data, consult the appropriate government or other authoritative sources, and seek professional legal advice.


Sedgwick County, Kansas - Townships Map (2024)
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