Ranking best and worst MLB stadiums based on Google reviews (2024)

Ranking best and worst MLB stadiums based on Google reviews (1)

Baseball is often referred to as one of the most scenic sports. Even if fans are not interested in the game itself, most baseball venues are extraordinary to look at. The diamond layout is unlike any other sport, and with some stadiums being placed next to rivers and bays or in the heart of downtown, the views from the top of the bleachers can be absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, not every stadium provides as fantastic a fan experience as just described. With the gold standard for MLB stadiums being some of the best experiences professional sports have to offer, lesser stadiums often get undeserved hate for not stacking up.

Here is every active MLB stadium ranked based on their Google reviews.

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MLB Stadium Rankings:

*Disclaimer: all ratings are as of June 27. Any ties in ratings are determined by the number of 1-star reviews. Reviews have been left unedited.

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Worst MLB Stadiums:

5) Citi Field, New York Mets

Google Rating: 4.6

USA Today's Ranking: 11

Jeff W.: "Waited in line for 30 minutes for popcorn, they informed me that they were out. Lines to everything were so long. Food was mediocre at best and so was the play on the field. We stayed for fireworks and my Uncle Tom puts on a better fireworks show. Absolutely horrid. Not a good experience and did I mention a 24oz beer was $17.99. So be ready to take a second mortgage on your house for food and beer." – 1 star

TJ G.: "This used to be the most fan friendly stadium in the entire MLB and then they closed scumbag alley. Where am I supposed to smoke cigs and meet other real New Yorkers? BRING BACK THE SMOKING SECTION AKA SCUMBAG ALLEY!" – 1 star

4) Rogers Centre, Toronto Blue Jays

Google Rating: 4.5

USA Today's Ranking: 21

James D.: "Your prices are worse than Trudeau's Carbon taxes. You are ripping off the public and driving people away. No one should have to pay $30 a person to have one meal at a baseball game. Please make this manageable for all parties." – 1 star

Niamh R.: "Don’t bring your friends here unless you’re inbred, not enough music too much baseball. Make it a nightclub!" – 1 star

3) LoanDepot Park, Miami Marlins

Google Rating: 4.5

USA Today's Ranking: 18

David B.: "The fans playing drums in the stands is a nightmare. They sound terrible. They don't play together. It's just a bunch of terrible noise. I hope they do away with that asap. It ruined the game." – 1 star

Bobby H.: "Parked in the garage, stuck in there elevator for over an hour. The response, we will pay for parking, we will upgrade your seats. Wow, not the money!!! My 4 year old daughter and my wife and I had to climb out of the top of the elevator after the fire department arrived. Poor customer service. Will never come back, asked multiple time to speak to a manager and no one could attend to customers stuck in their own elevator. Good job Marlins." – 1 star

2) Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays

Google Rating: 4.4

USA Today's Ranking: 29

Keith A.: "WORST stadium in baseball. Does this place actually have air conditioning? Who is in charge of posting stats, do they even know baseball. Halls are crowded and acoustics are a joke. You can do better Tampa Bay." – 1 star

Ken K.: "They should make it clear that you cannot touch the Rays in the touch-tank after the 7th inning. I showed up during the 8th inning and the worker rudely told me they were closed, I could not come in, and that I need to come back during their next game, before I could even ask a question. I was not impressed." – 1 star

1) Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland Athletics

Google Rating: 4.3

USA Today's Ranking: 30

Jesse F.: "This stadium is literally falling apart and disgusting, haha. When driving in I was legit worried I was in a homeless camp. The only good part was the Yankees throwing a perfect game and being a part of history." – 1 star

Willis W.: "Unfortunately this place is just old, rundown and not appealing."

Best MLB Stadiums:

5) Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Dodgers

Google Rating: 4.7

USA Today's Ranking: 7

Ari I.: "I love baseball and I've been to about a dozen parks, this is one of the best. Where most clubs tear down the old and build new, the Dodgers have meticulously maintained and augmented this wonderful art Deco Park. Make sure to take the tour - yes there is a tour - before the game to get the full impact. Dodgers fans will appreciate the extensive exhibitions throughout the ballpark." – 5 stars

Ruby R.: "It's always a good experience with family and friends. We always bring in our snacks to avoid overspending, but you really can't go wrong with the dodger dog, pretzel, nachos, and soft serve ice cream. We sat in the Lower Reserve section and had a good view of the drone show on this night." – 5 stars

4) Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees

Google Rating: 4.7

USA Today's Ranking: 20

Brandon B.: "Great ballpark, pretty easy to get to, and awesome venue to say you visited. Tickets are super reasonable, the cheap seats were literally 5 bucks for a Tuesday night game. We sat along right field only 2 sections up, for $33. Easy to maneuver around, plenty of beer and food spots so there's not big lines. 22oz cans of Modelo or Stella are $16. Not cheap but I've seen worse prices. Highly recommend." – 5 stars

Lawrence M.: "Managed to get tickets to a game against the Chicago white sox on the last night of our trip and was a great night out, both me and my wife's first ever baseball. Found the stadium to be pretty good, got in and to our seats easily. Plenty of refreshment stands so not without food or beer for too long. Atmosphere was pretty good and game was exciting for our first time and great to see the Yankee's win in front of a home crowd. Recommend to anyone visiting the city!" – 5 stars

3) Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs

Google Rating: 4.8

USA Today's Ranking: 3

Daniel S.: "Wrigley Field has to be the best ballpark in the world! It is surrounded by a wonderful and vibrant community, is incredibly easy to access by transit and walking, and the atmosphere inside the park is like nothing else! The bleacher seats are where it is at so you can see the entire field and look right down the line to see pitches be thrown. It also gives you a true sense of the size of the stadium, and if you get lucky you can catch home run balls! Whether you are a Cubs fan or not, if you are a fan of baseball, this is a must-go." – 5 stars

Giovanni S.: "Participated in the tour of Wrigley Field. The negative part is it requires a phone number during the booking process, which however accepts only US phone numbers and no international ones. Managed to secure alternatively a ticket. The tour was just amazing, so much passion by the tour guide in telling us the whole story of the stadium and the club and showing us around." – 5 stars

2) Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox

Google Rating: 4.8

USA Today's Ranking: 5

Nick A.: "My only issue is that it took me so long to get here! SUCH a cool ballpark! The history, style and overall atmosphere is so focused on baseball and the game, you feel like every game is a celebration/carnival.The food options are plentiful and delicious and VERY well priced. There isn’t too many bad seats, and the game presentation is just about baseball, something that feels refreshing.Will definitely try to visit again!" – 5 stars

Deana M.: "Recently went for the Yankees series on Father’s Day weekend and had a blast. The experience is always high energy, enthusiastic and fun! We were in a suite, met our son and his in-laws afterwards and the outside atmosphere was just as fun as the inside atmosphere. Put it on the bucket-list and go!" – 5 stars

1) Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals

Google Rating: 4.8

USA Today's Ranking: 17

Scott R.: "Great ballpark. Lots of fun food options. The plaza area outside the park is a plus since the location doesn't allow for any tailgating like in KC or Milwaukee. If you like baseball history there are many statues of Cardinal greats outside the stadium worth getting here a bit early to check out. I purchased the cheapest ticket option and it was perfect...One of those stadiums that just doesn't have a bad seat." – 5 stars

Steven Z.: "Busch Stadium is full of great views and wonderful amenities. We always sit in the 400s to get a good view of the entire field as well as the Arch. Those seats are relatively affordable as well. We also find that there’s plenty of snacks nearby as well as restrooms. Throughout the stadium, they have all different kinds of food. And I’m a little biased. And I think Cardinal fans, though passionate about their team are also very friendly and welcoming to others." – 5 stars

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Ranking best and worst MLB stadiums based on Google reviews (2024)
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