Pharmacy | Meijer Careers (2024)

The Meijer Pharmacy directly improves the lives of community members every day. We take our core values to heart and supply select antibiotics, vitamins, and medication free of cost for everyone.

With over 30 million free prescriptions dispensed that saved our customers $422 million, we're proving that we're committed to meeting the needs of our patients and saving them money along the way. Join our team and you can too.

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Put Your Skills to Work

Whether you’re looking to be a pharmacist, pharmacy intern, or pharmacy technician, you’ll become a valuable asset to our team. We rely on each of our Team Members to successfully deliver excellent patient care.

No matter what position you're applying for, we will build on your
personal development in the following areas:

  • Third Party Insurance Functions

  • Inventory Management

  • Clinical Services

Gain Broad Pharmaceutical

Meijer Pharmacy offers a wide variety of service for you to gain experience with and/or participate in. The following services are provided at each Meijer Pharmacy location:

  • Immunizations

  • Health Screenings

  • Medication Therapy Management

  • Medication Synchronization

  • Automatic Refills

  • Special Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy | Meijer Careers (4)

Explore Our Opportunities

We're looking for the next great addition to our team and it could be YOU. At Meijer, we use innovative services like Meijer Specialty Pharmacy, medication therapy management, and central fill locations to grow our business and keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our Team Members share a vision to take Meijer Pharmacy to the next level through remarkable customer service and clinical growth.

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Community-Based Post-Graduate Year 1 (PGY1)
Residencies at Meijer

Through partnership with Michigan-based ACPE-accredited colleges of pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry, our community-based PGY1 programs offer advanced training in teaching and research. They are designed to develop well-rounded clinical pharmacists who practice at the top of their license in a variety of environments.

Reasons to Join Our Residency Programs

  • You will be a part of meaningful patient experiences through a variety of care

  • You will have the opportunity to take on leadership roles throughout your residency and hone your craft

  • Opportunity to affect real change within a successful pharmacy business

  • You will work within a creative and progressive learning environment built in respect and constructive feedback

All applicants must be highly motivated Pharm.D. candidates or graduates with recognized strengths in communication and self-direction.

Both programs require a letter of intent, current curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, and three letters of recommendation and must be submitted through the PhORCAS system.

Meijer – Ferris State University – Pfizer

Meijer – Wayne State University – Pfizer



Jenison, MI
(suburb of Grand Rapids)


Livonia, MI
(suburb of Detroit)

College of Pharmacy Affiliation

College of Pharmacy Affiliation

Ferris State University College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy Affiliation

Wayne State University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Required Learning
Experiences (longitudinal)

Required Learning
Experiences (longitudinal)

  • Orientation (concentrated – first 6 weeks)

  • Patient Care Services

  • Outcomes-based Research

  • Administration/Management

  • Academia

  • Service

Ambulatory Care Learning
Experience (required)

Ambulatory Care Learning
Experience (required)

Cherry Health Heart of the City Center (Patient-Centered Medical Home)

Ambulatory Care Learning
Experience (required)

Health Centers Detroit Medical Group (Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike)

Elective Learning
Experiences (choose 1)

Elective Learning
Experiences (choose 1)

  • Advanced Administration

  • Advanced Academia

Elective Learning
Experiences (choose 1)

  • Advanced Academia

  • Advanced Research

  • Specialty Pharmacy (concentrated – 4 weeks)

Concurrent Training

Concurrent Training

  • FSU’s Pharmacy Education Development and Lecture Series (PEDALS – eligible as part of the elective Advanced Academia learning experience)

Concurrent Training

  • WSU’s Post-Graduate Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program (as part of the required Academia learning experience)

Residency Program Director
(key contact for questions, inquiries)

Residency Program Director
(key contact for questions, inquiries)

Brittany Myland, PharmD BA
Residency Program Director
Pharmacy Team Leader, Meijer
315 Wilson Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49534
Phone: (616) 735-2110

Residency Program Director
(key contact for questions, inquiries)

Joe Fava, Pharm.D., BCACP
Clinical Assistant Professor
Residency Program Director
Wayne State University-Meijer Shared Faculty
259 Mack Ave., Suite 2128
Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: (313) 993-7517

Pharmacy | Meijer Careers (2024)


Why do I want to work at a pharmacy? ›

Helping Others. As a pharmacy technician, you will quite literally be helping others feel better. Not only does this make this career make you feel better about yourself, but it improves the lives of others by ensuring that they have the medication they need to treat the ailments that others have.

What is the Meijer hiring process? ›

Fill out your application. Wait for an email or phone call for an interview after about a week. If no email or phone call , call the store and check on your application itself. Then if you get a call or email then they will tell you what day your interview is.

What interview questions do they ask at Meijer? ›

Interview questions at Meijer
  • What is can I bring to the team at Meijer as a new employee. ...
  • About what kind of work you did before and the company's you have worked for what kind of work I did there and how long I had worked at these jobs. ...
  • What kind of jobs that I had.

Why do you want to work at Meijers? ›

Meijer places our customers first by rewarding our Team Members, so they are encouraged to be their best selves. We create a diverse and passionate culture — engaging leaders at all levels to win with their teams. A career at Meijer is more than a way to pay the bills.

Why do people choose pharmacy as a career? ›

I Want to Help People Get Well

Pharmacists play a key role in helping patients feel better and get well as quickly as possible. Patients do best when pharmacists are part of their healthcare teams because pharmacists are the medication specialists. Pharmacists improve medication adherence.

What is the hardest part of becoming a pharmacist? ›

There are some challenges to being a pharmacist, including:
  1. Extended schooling. In addition to at least two years of undergraduate study, you must earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. ...
  2. Competitive field. ...
  3. Limited career advancement. ...
  4. Physical fatigue. ...
  5. Underappreciated work. ...
  6. High-pressure work.
Mar 10, 2023

What are the common questions asked at an interview? ›

Here are some of the most common interview questions you should prepare for:
  • Tell me about yourself. This type of opening question is a chance to run through the most relevant points of your CV. ...
  • How would you describe yourself? ...
  • What makes you unique? ...
  • Why do you want to work here? ...
  • What are your salary expectations?
Feb 12, 2024

What to wear to a Meijer interview? ›

Yes, Meijer does have a dress code for job interviews. Interviewees should dress in business casual attire, such as a collared shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, and minimal jewelry.

What is the best answer for why do you want to work here? ›

When answering this question, focus on specific aspects of the job that appeal to you. Show enthusiasm and knowledge about the company and its values. Explain how the job aligns with your skills, career goals, and personal interests.

Why do you want us to give you this job? ›

“I should be hired for this role because of my relevant skills, experience, and passion for the industry. I've researched the company and can add value to its growth. My positive attitude, work ethics, and long-term goals align with the job requirements, making me a committed and valuable asset to the company.”

Why do you want to be in this position? ›

When a hiring manager asks this question, what they really want to know is how much you know about their company, how this role fits into your ongoing career plan, how it will help you develop and challenge you and why the company appeals to you.

Why are you interested in pharmacy answer? ›

This question tests how applicants will interact with customers and how they will handle the stress of the job. Sample Answer: I've always had an interest in the medical profession from the treatment of various diseases to drugs and surgery. I narrowed my interests down to pharmacy, and it's been my passion ever since.

Why do you want to work in our pharma industry? ›

Working in this field provides the opportunity to be part of this important work, contributing to advances in medical science, and having a positive impact on the lives of millions of people. Another reason to consider a career in pharma is access to cutting-edge technology.

How to answer pharmacy interview questions? ›

The best approach to respond is to keep the selection criteria or key competencies in mind, and summarize your relevant background and training listed on the 'TELL' side of your “Tell/Know List”. A synopsis of your academic training, professional skills and interest in the position should take only 2-‐3 minutes.

Why are you interested in this position as a pharmacy technician? ›

Example answer

“I have always been interested in medicine and love helping people. Becoming a pharmacy technician is a great way for me to learn more about medications and treatments while helping people.”

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