P-Valley Announces It's Officially Getting a Season 3 (2024)

The closing of P-Valley’s second season saw a lot of people begin to, as Uncle Clifford told Mercedes, “dream new dreams.” For Mercedes, that means embracing retirement and life beyond the Pynk; for Autumn, it’s leaving Chucalissa to start a new life; and for Lil’ Murda and Clifford herself, that’s loving each other openly. After struggling to keep a strip club afloat amid COVID lockdown, political (and gang) warfare, and the staff’s personal strife, they could use a little bit of dreaming.

So, what does that mean for the next chapter of Katori Hall’s acclaimed television series? Here’s what we know so far.

Has P-Valley been renewed for season 3?

Yes! Deadline announced that the show will be returning with ten new episodes.

“I am blessed beyond measure for this opportunity to write the next chapter of P-Valley,” said the show's creator Katori Hall in a statement. “With its complex, dynamic, and beautifully flawed characters, this show is a love letter to marginalized communities in the American South who rarely see themselves reflected on screen, and it brings me immense joy to know that it has been embraced by folx worldwide. We wouldn’t be getting back up on that pony, without our fiercely devoted Pynk Posse. Y’all are our fire.”

The cast came together to announce the news with a little montage on Twitter.

Hall may already have some ideas cooking for the show’s next chapter. (She told Collider that the characters of P-Valley are “constantly talking to me.”) However, she also thinks the season 2 finale is “a great way to end.”

Hall said, “I always have ideas. The end of the season is really a great way to end. We delved into, some dark stuff. We explored some caves and crevices this season. We cracked open people’s souls. There is light at the end of the tunnel for our Pynk family, and the audience is ready to laugh again. The season finale is really special. People who have been rooting for our Pynk family for so long are really going to love where we land everybody.”

With that said, we’ll keep our eye out for renewal news in the coming weeks.

What would P-Valley season 3 be about?

The season 2 finale delivered some big crossroads and milestones for the P-Valley characters, which could set up some interesting journeys in a potential third season.

To start on a high note, the next installment could further explore Uncle Clifford and Lil’ Murda’s relationship, now that they’ve gone public with their romance at Ernestine’s party. Murda also decided he doesn’t want to go on tour with Tina Snow anymore, so we could see what the next steps in his rap career will be too. Meanwhile, Clifford has her hands full with the Pynk; though she worked out a deal with Corbin to link the strip club with his incoming casino, Autumn stole over $40,000 from the business and disappeared, leaving them in debt.

P-Valley Announces It's Officially Getting a Season 3 (2)

Clifford and Murda in P-Valley season 2, episode 9.

Mercedes, on the other hand, is looking ahead to retirement and spending more time with her daughter. But where will she go after graduating from the Pynk? Hall has a long-term vision for Mercedes. “I want her to have everything,” she previously told ELLE.com. “I want her to have a wonderful relationship with her daughter. I want her to have a wonderful relationship with her mother. They probably need to go to therapy. They need to do all the things.”

The next season could also explore what happens next to Keyshawn, whose abusive partner Derrick called child protective services on her, thwarting her plans to escape with her children. She calls Diamond for help, but in the finale’s closing moments, he gets abducted by Big Bone and Big Bawse, which likely has something to do with Montavius’ death.

Who will be in the cast?

Given the potential plot points above, we’ll likely see more of Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford, Brandee Evans as Mercedes, Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn, J. Alphonse Nicholson as Lil’ Murda, Parker Sawyers as Andre, Tyler Lepley as Diamond, Jordan M. Cox as Derrick, Miracle Watts as Big Bone, Harriett D. Foy as Patrice Woodbine, Dan J. Johnson as Corbin, Morocco Omari as Big L, and Dominic DeVore as Duffy. We may also see Gail Bean as Roulette and Psalms Salazar as Whisper again.

Elarica Johnson, however, won’t be returning as Autumn Night; she’s moving on from P-Valley, just like her character. Johnson told Entertainment Weekly that “it was my choice” to exit the show. “It’s something I discussed with Katori [Hall],” she explained. “Looking at the scripts this season, and the journeys of the characters and where the Pynk was going, Autumn’s journey felt like it was coming to an end. She has done what she needed to do and it was time for her to move on.”

Hall confirmed the news on Twitter too, with a farewell to the character.

Perhaps there’s hope for more celebrity cameos too, especially after Megan Thee Stallion’s surprise appearance this season.

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P-Valley Announces It's Officially Getting a Season 3 (2024)
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