My Time At Portia Abandoned Ruins 1 (2024)

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  • Fees · Ores · Scanned items · Multipart relics

  • The Abandoned Ruins #1 is one of the two Abandoned Ruins available from the start of My Time at Portia, the other being Abandoned Ruins #2, the larger ruin further up the hill, near the Civil Corps. Abandoned Ruins #1 is located at the base of the hill the Church of the Light rests on, behind A&G Construction and to the west of Peach Plaza. To the left of the ruin is the path up the hill to the Church of the Light, and to its right is the Cemetary and the road that leads to the Civil Corps, Aban

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  • Abandoned Ruins #1 · Abandoned Ruins #2 · Desert Abandoned Ruins

  • The Abandoned Ruins are defunct areas around the world that are rich with ores and old-world technological relics that the player can mine. There are two accessible ruins in Portia, as well as one in the Eufaula Desert and the Somber Marsh. Each ruin charges a weekly fee to enter. When the entrance pass is about to expire, the player can see a warning about it. The player will continue to return to earlier ruins as they progress, as each ruin contains different ores, materials, and relics. The C

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4. Abandoned Ruins - Serious Glitch - My Time At Portia community -

  • Abandoned Ruins - Serious Glitch. A topic by ATownDowner created Sep 23, 2017 Views: 2,482 Replies: 5. Viewing posts 1 to 5. ATownDowner6 years ago.

  • I was digging in the abandoned ruins just outside the starting location. When I dig I typically dig in a circular fashion and slowly make my way down so I'm not trapped under a ceiling of rock by tunn

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6. My Time At Portia: How To Get Old Parts - TheGamer

  • 10 dec 2021 · Find In Abandoned Ruins - Early in the game, the Abandoned Ruins will be where you find many of your materials, including Old Parts. · Find In ...

  • Old Parts are a useful resource in My Time At Portia. Unfortunately, finding some isn't always easy.

7. My Time at Portia | In An Age

  • I have chests for Metal, Wood, Cloth, Foodstuffs, relics from Ruins #1, Ruins #2, etc etc etc. ... Early on you will unlock some Abandoned Ruins. While ...

  • Posts about My Time at Portia written by Azuriel

8. My Time at Portia Mining Tips and Tricks Guide - GameSkinny

  • 3 feb 2018 · There are two mining locations in My Time at Portia: Abandoned Ruins 1 and Abandoned Ruins 2. You will begin with the first one, which is ...

  • Learn the basics of mining with the help of these tips and tricks for My Time at Portia.

My Time At Portia Abandoned Ruins 1 (2024)
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