June 2018 Geometry Regents Answers (2024)

1. [PDF] June 2018 key.pdf - Commack School District

  • Record your answers on your separate answer sheet. [48]. 1 After a ... Geometry - June '18 ! (9. ( 18. V = 1/3 Bh. V= 1/3 lwh. 82.8=1/5 (4.6)(9). 82.8 ...

2. Regents Examination in Geometry

  • 9 feb 2024 · ... June 2018 Regents Examination in Geometry, All Editions, Question 31, Only PDF file icon (42 KB). January 2018. Regents Examination in Geometry ...

  • Regents Examination in Geometry


4. [PDF] June 2018 Geometry Regents exam

  • 19 jun 2018 · You must answer all questions in this examination. Record your answers to the Part I multiple-choice questions on the separate answer sheet.

5. June 2018 Common Core Geometry Regents, Part I (multiple choice)

  • 16 jul 2018 · The following are some of the multiple questions from the recent June 2018 New York State Common Core Geometry Regents exam. June 2018 Geometry, ...

  • The following are some of the multiple questions from the recent June 2018 New York State Common Core Geometry Regents exam. June 2018 G...

6. [PDF] June 2016 June 2017 June 2018 - The Syracuse City School District

  • 19 jun 2018 · 28 Find the value of R that will make the equation sin 73° cos R true when 0° R. 90°. Explain your answer. Geometry (Common Core) – June '16. [ ...

7. (x, why?): June 2018 Common Core Geometry Regents, Parts III and IV

  • 23 jul 2018 · Prove that ABC is an isosceles triangle but not an equilateral triangle. [The use of the set of axes below is optional.] Answer: If it is ...

  • The following are some of the multiple questions from the recent June 2018 New York State Common Core Geometry Regents exam. The answers to...

8. [PDF] 2016 june regents answers.pdf - Sayville Public Schools

  • 17 jun 2016 · (4) 18 inches. 1.5. 1.5. 1.5×6=9. 1.5×6=9. Geometry (Common Core) - June '16. [2]. 18. 1. Page 3. Use this space for computations. 3 Kevin's ...

9. [PDF] Aug 2018 Key.pdf - Commack School District

  • Record your answers on your separate answer sheet. [48]. 1 In the diagram ... reflection over y=-1. Geometry - Aug. '18. [16]. Page 16. 29 in the model below ...

10. [PDF] June 2011 Regents - Geometry

  • All answers should be written in pen, except for graphs and drawings, which ... AD = 18 inches, and DB = 12 inches. Find, to the nearest tenth of an inch ...

June 2018 Geometry Regents Answers (2024)


How many correct answers to pass Geometry Regents? ›

In 2016 and 2017 a student could pass the exam by answering 35% of the questions correctly. In 2018 and 2019, a student needed to answer 36% of the questions correctly in order to pass. As of the January 2020 conversion chart, a student needs to answer 39% of the questions correctly in order to pass (31 raw score).

How hard is it to pass the Geometry Regents? ›

Students pass Geometry Regents with a 3, 4, or 5, or a scaled score of 65 or higher. Students with test anxiety or students who struggle with the course material are more likely to have a hard time passing the exam.

What is a good score on Geometry Regents? ›

What is a good Geometry Regents score? A good Geometry Regents score is anything that is a 3 or higher. This is because receiving a 3, 4, or 5 would mean you've passed the test and can use that Regents math exam score towards your graduation requirements.

How many questions do you need to get right to pass the math Regents? ›

The difficulty of the Algebra 2 Regents exam really depends on your goal for taking it. If you are taking the Algebra 2 exam in order to satisfy the graduation requirements for a Regents diploma, you need to answer 33% of the questions on the exam correctly to pass.

Which Regents fail the most? ›

Global History and Geography is the most frequently failed examination. Under the proposal, students would be able to substitute a second Regents Exam in math or science or a vocational exam for this requirement.

Can you pass with a 50 on the Regents? ›


Is it ok to fail the Regents? ›

Typically, you must pass 4 or 5 Regents exams, with scores of 65 or higher. But, in certain cases, you can appeal lower scores and still graduate. You may appeal up to two Regents exams if you get a 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64, and meet the requirements below. This option is available to all students.

Do the Regents get curved? ›

But with the Regents examination, it's different. The grading system employs a curve, meaning the number of raw points you earn from correct answers and the final score you receive (scaled score) aren't directly proportional.

What is the easiest regents exam? ›

The easiest Regents exams might include:
  1. Living Environment (Biology): Students often find this exam relatively simple because it covers topics commonly taught in high school courses. ...
  2. Algebra I: For some students, math comes more naturally, so they may find the Algebra I Regents exam straightforward.
May 29, 2024

Has anyone ever gotten a 100 on The Regents? ›

Congratulations to the Westhill students who earned perfect scores on their Regents examinations this June! Also included are perfect scores for World Language Examination.

Is a 70 on the Regents good? ›


Even though a score of 65 is passing, a score of 75 on the English Regents exam and an 70 on a math Regents exam is needed to be thought of as college ready.

Is a 75 on a Regents bad? ›

According to the New York City Department of Education (DOE), “Students graduating with at least a score of 75 on English Regents and 80 on Math Regents” are deemed ready to pursue college and career paths.

Do Regents repeat questions? ›

Questions from previous years are often repeated, with minor changes. For each test, know what you got right, what you got wrong, and why.

Do colleges care about regent scores? ›

While Regents exam scores aren't a crucial factor for college admissions, they can still play a role in demonstrating your academic abilities, particularly for in-state colleges within New York.

Is it easy to pass the Geometry Regents? ›

Less than 65% to get a 65

For the majority of the Geometry Regents exams administered so far, a student only needed to have a raw score of 33 or 34 to get a 65. Since the maximum raw score is 86, a student only needed to get 40% of the points (34 out of 86 points) to get a 65.

How many credits do you need to pass Geometry Regents? ›

How many questions do you need to get correct to pass the geometry regents? As of January 2018, students are required to earn 30 total credits to get a passing score of 65. For example, by answering 15 multiple choice questions correct (2 credits each), you would earn a passing score.

What score do you need to pass the Regents? ›

Options for All Students

All remaining Regents exams must be passing scores of 65 or better.

How many people pass the Geometry Regents? ›

In Geometry, 56% of city students passed the Regents test in 2019, but just 38% passed last school year. The sharp decline is a stark indicator of the ongoing challenges the city faces in helping students recover from the academic impacts of the pandemic.

How much is each question worth on the Geometry Regents? ›

In total, there are 35 questions and the maximum score is 80 points. Part I consists of 24 multiple-choice questions, with each correct answer worth 2 credits. Part II assesses students' problem-solving abilities through 7 constructed-response questions, with a maximum of 2 points awarded per question.

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