Jacksmith Strategies – Craft Your Way to Victory (2024)

If you ever have aspirations of becoming a blacksmith, then Jacksmith is the place for you. In this classic flash game, players must build all sorts of weapons in order to satisfy the orders of customers. This can be all different kinds of items, from bows, to swords, or even armor to protect your customers during battle.

How to play Jacksmith

While making all of this sounds complicated, the overall controls aren’t too difficult to pick up. Jacksmith is purely a point-and-click game, so you don’t have to learn any keyboard controls. You must basically follow the orders that are given to you on-screen. For example, if you are making a sword, then you must take quite a few steps. These steps include pouring metal into the sword cast, shaping the edge of the blade, and placing the handle onto the sword in the direct center.

Jacksmith Strategies

There are a few strategies that you can deploy to ensure that you are turning into an extremely efficient blacksmith. If you ever feel like you are getting stuck or just struggling in general, try using one or two of these tips and see if they help you out.

Focus on accuracy

Jacksmith Strategies – Craft Your Way to Victory (1)

The most important thing in Jacksmith is accuracy, hands down. While a lot of players get wrapped up in the speed of their blacksmithing, if players aren’t able to do the small steps well, then they won’t do well in Jacksmith. So make sure to take your time and focus on the minute details. While they may not seem important, they actually add up to mean a lot in the end.

Pick up the gems when going to battle

After you have crafted the weapons for soldiers, it is time for them to go out to battle. Once enemies have been defeated, they will drop coins onto the ground. Make sure that you pay attention and pick up these coins once they have dropped. These coins can be exchanged for upgrades that will improve your armory.

Upgrade your equipment

As you continue to collect coins from leveling up and taking down enemies, you will be able to buy a variety of new and shiny items that will help your customers succeed in battle. This includes grips for swords and new kinds of ores for tons of different battle items. If you are struggling in Jacksmith, consider going to the shop and spending your coins on some new gear.

Don’t be afraid to scrap a project

Sometimes a project is just going bad. Maybe you didn’t pour the ore correctly. Maybe you didn’t pick the right kind of weapon altogether. No matter what it is, don’t be afraid to toss away the project and start again. While the customer certainly won’t love having to wait a while longer, it is far preferable to giving them a bad version of whatever they requested.

Games like Jacksmith

When it comes to games like Jacksmith, there is really one comparison and one comparison only. Or should we say only one game series that compares Jacksmith. That series is the Papa’s Pizzeria Game Series.

Papa’s Games

Jacksmith Strategies – Craft Your Way to Victory (2)

The goal of the Papa’s Games is to take customers’ orders, prepare the food as precisely as you can, and get it out to the customer in a timely fashion. If this sounds familiar to you, it is because this is almost the exact same concept as Jacksmith. The only difference is that it is given a cooking game twist. Instead of becoming a blacksmith, you can be a pizza maker, a grilled cheese maestro, or a sundae scooper. So if you are looking for a more light-hearted version of Jacksmith that has some fun and interesting gameplay, then check out a few of the popular Papa’s Games, like Papa’s Pizzeria and Papa’s Freezeria.

So now that you know a little bit more about how to play Jacksmith, go and try it out for yourself. Prepare the army for battle and collect the rewards!

Jacksmith Strategies – Craft Your Way to Victory (2024)


Jacksmith Strategies – Craft Your Way to Victory? ›

Jacksmith is now available without Flash through the use of emulation tools. That means you can play the game here on CrazyGames, in any modern web browser.

Is Jacksmith still playable? ›

Jacksmith is now available without Flash through the use of emulation tools. That means you can play the game here on CrazyGames, in any modern web browser.

How does hammering work Jacksmith? ›

This week we have details on the second and third parts of making swords in Jacksmith. The second part of crafting a sword is hammering. Once the blade is removed from the mold, the sword is ready to be hammered. Hammering sharpens the sword, and a properly sharpened sword results in a higher attack power.

Is there a Jacksmith 2? ›

Jacksmith 2 is a sequel to Jacksmith, this time it has more types of weapons and different enemies and warriors.

Can you play Jacksmith on mobile? ›

Play Jacksmith Online for Free on PC & Mobile | now.gg.

Is there any way to play Jacksmith? ›

Jacksmith can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Why are Flash games being removed? ›

Flash experienced it's share of security issues even during the best of times and with Adobe no longer providing updates it becomes an ongoing security risk to your browser. We didn't want to encourage that and so it became time for us to say goodbye to these older games.

How to be good at Jacksmith? ›

Jacksmith Strategies
  1. Focus on accuracy. The most important thing in Jacksmith is accuracy, hands down. ...
  2. Pick up the gems when going to battle. After you have crafted the weapons for soldiers, it is time for them to go out to battle. ...
  3. Upgrade your equipment. ...
  4. Don't be afraid to scrap a project. ...
  5. Papa's Games.
Apr 20, 2023

How does elemental damage work in Jacksmith? ›

Some enemies are Elemental Enemies (they are enchanted with a certain element). They are weak to the element they are enchanted with (e.g. enemies enchanted with Fire are weak to Fire-boosted weapons). Enemies that are not Elemental Enemies are Basic.

Who made Jacksmith? ›

Also made by Flipline Studios, JackSmith follows a similar premise to the Papa's games, but this time, the user must create weapons such as swords, bows and arrows, axes, shields, pikes, and maces, depending on the in-game characters' specifications.

How many weapons are in Jacksmith? ›

There are six types of weapons that the player can craft in Jacksmith: swords, bows, axes, shields, pikes, and maces.

When was Jacksmith released? ›

Jacksmith is a weapon-building game. The game was first teased on July 5, 2012, before an official announcement on July 25, 2012. It was officially released on September 27, 2012.

How many areas are in Jacksmith? ›

There are 7 locations in Jacksmith.

Is Jacksmith on iPhone? ›

About: Jacksmith - Journey Blacksmith (iOS App Store version) | | Apptopia.

What is a Jacksmith? ›

jacksmith in British English

(ˈdʒækˌsmɪθ ) noun. obsolete. a smith who makes devices that enable the turning of meat while being roasted.

Is Jacksmith back on Cool Math Games? ›

Over a decade later, Jacksmith is still one of the most popular games here at Coolmath Games. It sits up on the throne as one of the classic Coolmath Games, along with other titles such as Run and Papa's Pizzeria.

Is there any way to play Flash games anymore? ›

How to Play Flash Games after 2021 With Ruffle. Another option to sample Flash-powered games without a Flash plugin is Ruffle. There are three formats of Ruffle – a standalone, downloadable program, a browser extension or a program powered by a line of HTML code.

Is Jacksmith downloadable? ›

Jacksmith : Flipline Studios : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive.

Is there a game where you can play as the Flash? ›

The Flash's appearance in The Flash SEGA game in 1993 was met with mixed reviews due to its fast-paced gameplay. The Flash can be found in popular games like DC Universe Online, the LEGO Batman series, and Injustice series.

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