DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (2024)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (1)

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1.PGA DFS Rankings Wizard - The RBC Canadian Open


3.Last Five Winners of The RBC Canadian Open

4.Expected Cut-Line At Hamilton

5.Hamilton Golf and Country Club

6.Let's Look at the Stats

7.Key Stats

8.Total Number of Top-10's Out of the Six Categories: Two-Year Running Model

9.First Look Into Outright Bets

10.Golfers to Land in the Top 60 of the Field for All Categories

11.Fantasy Golf Lineup Picks for DraftKings (PGA DFS)

12.High-Priced DraftKings DFS Players

13.Mid-Priced DraftKings DFS Players

14.Mid-Priced DraftKings DFS Players

15.Low-Priced DraftKings DFS Players to Consider ($7,000+)

16.$6,000 Options to Consider

17.$5,000 Options to Consider

19.Win Big With RotoBaller

20.Golf DFS News and Player Outlooks

21.More PGA Analysis and DFS Lineup Picks

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PGA DFS Rankings Wizard - The RBC Canadian Open

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PGA Rankings Wizard Model (Pre-Tournament)

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  • The RBC Canadian Open

Vegas Report (All Pre-Tournament Bets)

  • Top Pre-Tournament H2H Pick: (104-60-9) 63.41%
  • All Pre-Tournament H2Hs: (265-194-25) 57.73%
  • Total H2Hs Since 2017: (518-361-71) 58.93%
  • Outright Winners Since 2017: 42
  • Units: +327.863 Units
  • All Totals Are Entering 2024
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In-Tournament Head-To-Head Bets For Rounds 1,2,3 and 4

  • Lifetime Record: (253-167-46) 60.24%
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First-Round Leader Article

  • Eight first-round leader wins in 2022.
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One & Done (Deep-Dive Into Potential Options To Consider)

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Late DraftKings Article (Condensed Player Pool)

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Field Size: 156
Cut: Top-65 & Ties
Top 20 Entrants: 4

Last Five Winners of The RBC Canadian Open

2023Nick Taylor-17
2022Rory McIlroy-19
2019Rory McIlroy-22

*** Rory's 2019 victory was the only one held at Hamilton

Expected Cut-Line At Hamilton


Hamilton Golf and Country Club

7,084 - Par 70 - Greens Bentgrass/Poa

Located in Ancaster, Ontario, renowned English architect Harry Colt designed 18 of the current 27 holes in 1914, with Robbie Robinson addingthe additionalnine in 1974. Naturally,only 18of thoselocations will be usedthis week for the PGA Tour's return to Hamilton Golf and Country Club. Nonetheless, the facility has additional question marks that need to be answered after Martin Ebert recently performed a restoration that cost 11.5 million dollars to restore the course closer towhat Colt hadenvisioned in 1914.

When we look back at what this course possessed in 2019 when we last saw it in the rotation, you got this tight, strategic test off the tee that diminished driving accuracy by over 7% versus a standard tour stop. The one minor change we will get this go-around will be the increase from 6,832 yards to 7,074 yards. However, we are still talking about one of the shorter venues on tour by PGA Tour standards, which is where Rory McIlroy's runaway victory when he posted a 22-under score and won by seven shots might not tell the complete story of the challenge that the layout possesses for the field because of the inferior yardage total.

Ebert rebuilt all 27 greens to include your classic Bentgrass/Poa split. He also added new tees and modernized bunkers that will keep the challenge that the facility had five years ago but do so in a fashion that plays better for today's game regarding positioning. Undulation will be a critical component for a green complex that expanded in size to 6,000 feet. That is closer to the PGA Tour average and may add a little less around-the-green impact than we got in the last iteration at this track, but Idon't want that notion to minimize just how challenging and consequential it is for all players to be able to salvage a score when they do miss a green in regulation.

Let's Look at the Stats

StatHamiltonPGA Average
Driving Distance283283
Driving Accuracy54%61%
GIR Percentage62%65%
Scrambling Percentage61%57%
Average Three-Putts Per Round0.500.55

Key Stats

Let's quickly run through how I built my model.

Weighted Strokes Gained: Total (30%)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (2)

Recent Weighted SG:Total (Geared Toward Hamilton (10%)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (3)

Strokes Gained: Total Short Courses (10%)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (4)

Strokes Gained: Total Par 70s (10%)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (5)

Weighted Scoring (20%)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (6)

Weighted Scrambling (10%)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (7)

Heightened Proximity + Short Game (10%)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (8)

Total Number of Top-10's Out of the Six Categories: Two-Year Running Model
DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (9)

I will dive deeper into what went into these totals later in the week on my podcast. If you aren't doing so already, you can followBettor Golf Podcast on X.

First Look Into Outright Bets

Tom Kim450.167.2
Chandler Phillips2250.036.75
Sahith Theegala220.327.04

Golfers to Land in the Top 60 of the Field for All Categories

(Not a negative value over five spots off, including upside totals)

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (10)

Fantasy Golf Lineup Picks for DraftKings (PGA DFS)

We have tons of great weekly PGA articles, DFS analysis, tools and DFS advice. Be sure to read our other fantastic articles regarding this week's event.

High-Priced DraftKings DFS Players

***There are eight players priced above $10,000. Please remember that my DFS article is always a first look at the field. Opinions might shift as the week goes on, and I am more than happy to discuss anyone further on Twitter/X.

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (11)

Youare going to find the top three players in this tournament at the very top of my model. I am okay with anyone who wants to start a build with any of those three options.

Ownership will play the critical decider since DraftKings made it easy enough to get to Rory McIlroy, but all three choices are in play and should be considered.I would assume that factor of how easy it is to get to McIlroy has him go off the board at over 40%, but those are questions that we can answer over the next 24-48 hours when we get more clarity.

My early lean is that Tommy Fleetwood becomes the choice who is more contrarian than the other two. I had Fleetwood graded inside the top 10 when running my seven main categories (the second-most in this field), which places the Englishman in a nice contrarian spot as everyone potentially rushes elsewhere.

Theegala is going to be my preferred outright target, although Fleetwood currently carries that mantle for DFS until something changes in the projections.

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End of the Season Totals: @rotoballer @BettorGolfPod

2017 +54.26 Units
2018 +55.88 Units
2019 +27.743 Units
2020 + 37.015 Units
2021 + 68.846 Units
2022 +67.485 Units

Total Winnings: +311.229 Units

Total Outright Wins Since 2017: 36

H2H Totals Inside Thread… https://t.co/pNQrSK1rFE

— Spencer Aguiar (@TeeOffSports) December 12, 2022

Mid-Priced DraftKings DFS Players


DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (12)

The $9,000range was relatively straightforwardin my model.I had three values compared to their price and three overpriced commodities. You can see who those players are in the image above.

I don'thavemany gripes in Alex Noren's profile outside of ownership. There is a reason he has been one of the steadier golfers in the world during the 2024 season. However, I will take a contrarian stance in this article to make this piece different from everything you might read elsewhere.

My model liked Sam Burns' early leverage. It isn't the safe outlook you get from a name such as Noren, but if the ownership doesn't trend in his direction, there is a lot to like about his chances.. My model placed him seventh when I combined the heightened proximity ranges at Hamilton with the entire aggregated outlook for short-game returns, adding to the additional strong expectations for a golfer who also saw a vast increase when faced with short Par 70 courses.

If Noren isn't as popular as expected, you can very easily add him to the mix here when talking about my favorite play.

Mid-Priced DraftKings DFS Players

$8,000 Range

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (13)

One of my favorite things about Tom Kim is that while he has started to turn things around after a slow start to the season, the market has yet to catch up to his recent surge.

Kim's 50/1 opening outright price and $8,600 price tag will leave a lot of meat on the bone to consider for a golfer who placed fourth in my model for expected scoring at Hamilton Golf and Country Club. I thought Kim should havebeen nearly $1,000 more expensive.

Low-Priced DraftKings DFS Players to Consider ($7,000+)

Check out my model for everything in this section. There, you will get individual rankings on all players and be able to weigh the data to create your very own model when you make a copy. Please consider signing upfor this tool that I am very proud to share with the public!

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (14)

Ben Griffin landed as one 15 players this week inside the top 60 of my model for all seven categories that I ran from a numerical perspective. That joined Davis Thompson and Taylor Pendrith as the only three players from this section to accomplish the feat.

Grffin graded eighth in my model for Weighted Scrambling, ninth for Weighted Scoring and seventh for Recent Production when recalculating the data to fit Hamilton Golf and Country Club from a Strokes Gained Total handicap.

$6,000 Options to Consider

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (15)

I am curious to see where Kyoung-Hoon Lee and Mac Meissner land with their ownership.

My model had Lee as one of my favorite head-to-head targets, evidenced by the early grab I took of him over Sam Stevens. It also placed Meissner as the second-best outright target when everything opened on Monday. We will get to the top name in the section below.

I prefer Meissner for GPP contests because of that high upside profile if the ownership stays low enough.

$5,000 Options to Consider

DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (16)

Chandler Phillips has been all-or-nothing lately, posting two missed cuts and two top 12s in his past six starts.

Iam going tobet on the upside of his profile, which ranked first in this field from 125-150 yards and eighth for Weighted Strokes Gained Total.

Favorite Play Each Section (Monday):

$10,000+ - Tommy Fleetwood
$9,000+ - Sam Burns
$8,000+ - Tom Kim
$7,000+ - Ben Griffin
$6,000+ - Mac Meissner
$5,000+ - Chandler Phillips

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DraftKings PGA DFS Lineup Picks for The RBC Canadian Open (2024)
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