2024 Daily JumpChain Challenge RP (2024)



  • Randomized (General) (+100cp /1100) - Your level choice is out of your hands. Roll a d10. Check the list to see which level that number corresponds to. That's your first level. Survived it? Good. Keep rolling and completing levels until all 10 are completed. You re-roll if you roll a level you have already faced.
  • Long Run (General) (+100cp /1200) - Why would you want to stay in a tutorial this long? Whatever, each Level will now last a full ten years.
  • Amnesia (General) (+200cp /1400) - Until the end of this Jump, you can not remember the events of any Levels except the one you are in.
  • Total Amnesia (General) (+200cp /1600) - You have no memories of your time before entering the first Level and explicitly no memories of Jumpchain. You are probably very confused.
  • Homeless (Slice of Life) (+100cp /1700) - Regardless of what you'd otherwise have imported into, instead you start out in a homeless shelter with just the clothes on your back and without a dime to your name. The shelter will kindly give you a few days' worth of room and board but soon enough you'll have to leave to make room for others. From this point on it's all up to you.
  • Odd Jobs (Slice of Life) (+100cp /1800) - You'll constantly be gaining and losing your job, having to learn a new minimum wage task every few weeks. Sometimes you'll be qualified, others much less so. Still, you've got to try your hardest.
  • Resource Shortage (Survival) (+100cp /1900) - Food, water, and other staples are scarce. You will find it more difficult to acquire enough resources to live.
  • Disability (Survival) (+100cp /2000) - You have a missing eye for the duration of this part of the world.
  • Scripted Encounters (Horror) (+100cp /2100) - You'll run into whatever threat you're dealing with more often. You will not automatically become a priority target, but sheer proximity is likely to put you at risk.
  • Monster Bait (Horror) (+100cp /2200) - They may or may not be supernatural in nature, but there are monsters here, and they seem to like you an awful lot. Any monster, no matter what its type, will consider you the perfect prey, and will target you over any other person.
  • I Have Truly Found Paradise (Military) (+100cp /2300) - Your chain of command is... sub-optimal. Expect vague orders that are of little help in letting you or your unit know what you're supposed to be doing but still stick you with the blame if anything goes wrong, reinforcements or resupply to be inconveniently scheduled or diverted at the last minute, a stupid emphasis on spit-and-polish at the expense of combat readiness, or whatever else would be inconvenient. This will never be to an outright suicidal extent but it will be damned annoying. Whether you're on the front line or in the rear with the gear, during wartime or peacetime, one way or another you're going to need to game the system and make things happen despite the best that "channels" can do to f*ck things up, or your military service will not be the thing that recruiting videos are made out of.
  • The Meat Grinder (Military) (+100cp / 2400) - Welcome to the tip of the spear. This Drawback guarantees that your year in this jump will be spent not only in wartime but in frequent, grueling combat. Whether it's because your unit is a penal battalion/slave-soldier dumping ground whose job is to catch bullets that would otherwise hit soldiers who are actually worth something or because your unit is the elite division that the high command entrusts with all the most important missions, either way it ends up mostly in the same place; with all war and no play turning Anon into an unhappy grunt. Your R&R opportunities will be few and far between, your chances to sleep in a proper bunk instead of a tent or a foxhole likewise. Embrace the suck, soldier.
  • War Is Hell (+100cp /2500) - Any perks that might have helped you deal with combat trauma, overcome fear, or otherwise make being in a war easier will be disabled for the duration of this Level. You are going to have to face the worst of humanity without that insurance.
  • Retired, Extremely Dangerous (Modern Adventure) (+100cp /2600) - You have skill, talent, and experience. A little too much experience. The fact is that you are just plain too old for this sh*t. Your body is wearing down, you don't react as fast as you used to, and the general complaints of old age make "adventures" seem more like torture.
  • Nemesis (Super Hero) (+100cp /2700) - There is this one enemy that you can never seem to get rid of. No matter what, this enemy, who is dangerous enough in some way to at least require effort to beat, will always survive or escape anything you do to stop him. You will be dealing with him repeatedly.
  • Masquerade (Modern Occult) (+100cp /2800) - The public is not ready to discover the existence of the supernatural, and part of your job is ensuring that they don't. This could be limited to making sure you don't reveal anything to the public, or it could extend to having to put down other people attempting to reveal the supernatural world.
  • Historical Inconveniences (Historical) (+100cp /2900) - It is the little things that can make life hell. Things like a lack of toilet paper, or bad hygiene, or scurvy. And you are going to suffer through them, because you cannot bring anything with you, item or perk, that would exempt you from this suffering.
  • Arranged Marriage (Historical) (+100cp /3000) - This may not be a literal arranged marriage, but you have been stuck with someone that is essentially useless in any high-risk situation, and you have to keep them safe.
  • Bandits (+100cp /3100) - No matter where you are going, you will be accosted by bandits, muggers, bullies, or someone else that wants to beat you down and take your stuff at least once a week. They may not be powerful, but they will be persistent, and probably ugly.
  • Siege At Jumper Fortress (Fantasy) (+100cp /3200) - At some point in your time in this Level, you will be forced to participate in the kind of large set battle that fantasy blockbuster movies love. It will be bloody and dangerous, and you will be there.
  • Archmage's Interest (Fantasy) (+100cp /3300) - A very powerful, well-connected and influential being of some sort has taken an interest in you. They don't hate you, but they are not necessarily on your side either. They mostly are just finding amusem*nt in your antics, and they want to keep things interesting for as long as possible.
  • Alien Invasion (Science Fiction) (+100cp /3400) - At some point in your time here, you are going to have to deal with some major event, like an alien invasion, first contact, a robot uprising, or some other world changing event that will pose significant challenge or risk to you.


The Power Gamer - These Jumpers are in it for personal power. They will take the strongest perks in any Jump, often heaping on Drawbacks to pay for more and more. When they walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, they always want to be the biggest badass in the Valley.


  • Basic Requirements (Free) - You will receive whatever special abilities, traits, backgrounds, and skills that are required for basic participation in the Level you are in. For example, if you are going to a Modern Occult setting focused on psychics tracking down ghosts, you would receive general knowledge of the supernatural in that world and enough psychic abilities to match the average in the setting. A Military setting based on the Vietnam War would give you a decent level of fitness and basic training for the military organization you were a part of. A superhero setting would provide powers or abilities to match the average ability of the featured characters of the world. This also provides in-universe backgrounds, histories, and memories that fit the identity you acquire in that Jump. These abilities go away when you leave that Level and this perk goes away when you finish this jump. Nothing can be done to retain these abilities, but you do benefit from any practice, training, study, or actual use in the Level itself of any mundane skills.
  • Body Like A Jumper (Free) - You are cured of any physical ailments or disabilities you may have entered this Jump with. You become as physically fit as an average healthy athletic person would be. Your fitness will never deteriorate below this level, or any higher level that you have reached by actual training, unless you wish it to do so, as long as you have sufficient food and water to survive. You can also render yourself fertile or infertile at will, and can stop or start any menstrual or breeding cycle at will.
  • Mind Like A Jumper (Free) - You are aware of any mental illness, disorders, disabilities or other conditions you may be suffering from as you enter this jump, and may choose to have any or all of them be removed. This does not make you immune to these things, it just removes preexisting conditions.
  • Sexy And I Know It (50cp /3350) - Jumpers tend to be rather vain. Almost all of them eventually take some sort of appearance boosting perk, so let's just deal with that now. You are incredibly good-looking. On a scale of one to ten, you are a perfect ten. The exact details of your appearance, build, and "endowments" are up to you, but you look as good as it is possible for a human being to look and you stay that way no matter what your condition or the circ*mstances might be. Anything that happens to alter your appearance, such as scarring, amputation, cybernetic implants, or genetic mutation, will always leave you somehow still looking incredible. You may become a rotting zombie, but you will be the sexiest rotting zombie to ever crave brains. You will retain your fit and attractive appearance, even without exercise or proper diet, as long as you consume enough calories to avoid starvation. You will either heal perfectly, without any form of scarring, or your scars will enhance your appearance in some way. Even if your current appearance is inhuman in part or completely, you still remain this attractive. You never actually get dirty, always staying as pristine and perfect as you could be, unless you choose otherwise. In which case the sweat, dirt, blood, or whatever else will somehow compliment your looks perfectly. You also instinctively present yourself as well as you possibly can at all times. Your posture and movements never make you seem awkward or unattractive, always showing you in your best possible light and making anything you wear look amazing. Supermodels train for years to stand and move like you, and never quite make it. You never need to brush or floss, having perfect teeth and a great smile, your hair is always perfectly done up in whatever style you want it in, and if you don't want to shave you simply won't need to, facial or body hair simply not growing until and unless you want it to. Furthermore, you have perfect control over your fertility, and menstrual cycle in the case of females. Any sexual partners will believe you when you tell them you are protected, as long as you are telling the truth. Your voice is equally incredible in some way, whether it be sexy, commanding, soothing, or just pleasant. Your body scent is either extremely pleasant or you have no scent at all, and you can switch this at will.
  • Common Sense (-50cp /3300) - The least common advantage of all. You can tell when something you are about to do is contrary to basic common sense and rationality, or when you are about to do something your Benefactor will punish you for. You can also tell when your emotions are clouding your judgement.
  • Good Fortune (-50cp /3250) - You are luckier than most people. Not to the extent that people will be shocked by it or that you could rely solely on this to keep you alive, but random odds do tend to tilt in your favor. Also, you will not experience any fate that could end your chain solely because of bad luck.
  • Self-Motivation (-50cp /3200) - You have no difficulty motivating yourself, easily putting your full effort into any task, training, or activity. You only procrastinate by choice.
  • Life Skills (-50cp /3150) - You have the basic life skills that everyone really should possess. You can cook, clean, do laundry, drive, perform basic maintenance, balance finances and perform other such tasks that are needed by the average person.
  • General Knowledge (-100cp /3050) - When you enter a new Jump, you gain knowledge of the location and culture you start in that is equivalent to what a student of history would know. You also gain fluency in the local language or languages. This added information never goes away, but is never confusing and does not impair you in any way.
  • Friendly Sort (-100cp /2950) - People like you, you have charisma and charm. Nothing supernatural or superhuman, but you are a very likeable person. This also removes any shyness, social anxiety or similar problems that you possess.
  • Boredom Immunity (-100cp /2850) - You are completely immune to boredom. When engaged in a simple repetitive task, you can choose to fast-forward through it, remembering performing the task without having to experience it fully. This fast-forward ends instantly if something changes that requires your attention.
  • No Matter Where You Go, There You Are (-100cp /2750) - Your priorities, sense of morality and beliefs only change how you desire them to. You will instantly process and deal with any trauma in the best possible way for you, making you immune to PTSD and similar issues.
  • Veteran (-100cp /2650) - You never lose your cool, keeping your head no matter what the situation you are in. This does not mean you don't feel emotions, just that you can control them.
  • The Road Goes Ever On And On (-100cp /2550) - Your mind is well-prepared for dealing with eternity. You can find joy and satisfaction in everyday life no matter how long you have been alive, you can adapt to new cultures with ease, and you will never find your emotions blunted by the passage of time and ennui.
  • Seeing The Sights, All The Sights (-200cp /2350) - When your primary focus is the experiences you acquire and the stories you could tell, forgetting them is a tragedy. You will never have to worry about that. You have a perfect memory, with instant recall, unlimited storage, tamper-proofing, perfect indexing, and protection from any form of harmful memory. This perfect memory is fully retroactive. You can choose to erase memories, leaving a knowledge that something was erased and a basic description of what that memory was, and can restore that erased memory later. Nothing can detect these erased memories or force you to restore them. Your memories can only be read by an outside force with your permission.
  • Harmony (-400cp /1950) - Sometimes, the things you are collecting will clash with each other or are difficult to use together. That is no longer the case. You could safely use both the Dark and Light sides of the Force, channel both divine and demonic energies, wield conflicting forms of magic or energy, mix radically different technologies or biologies, even keep your entire harem in one place, and they will all get along with each other. They will get along with you as well. None of your abilities, possessions, Companions or anything else that belongs to you in some way will be able to harm, corrupt, or alter you against your will.
  • Oh, The Possibilities (Free Power Gamer) - You have a gift for making the most of your resources. You can find clever or inventive ways of using your abilities or possessions, and figure out how to compensate for weaknesses or downsides. You are very creative when it comes to using your assets.
  • Hard Work Pays Dividends (Discount Power Gamer, -100cp /1850) - Being the best takes work. You have to spend the time and put in the effort to maximize your potential. Thankfully, the time and effort you require is a bit less than for most people. Any form of training or advancement works five times faster for you than it otherwise would. In addition, your abilities of any kind never fade or deteriorate with time or disuse.
  • I Have The Power (Discount Power Gamer, -200cp /1650) - It takes a lot of hard work to be the best. But all the hard work in the world still won't be enough if you don't also have the right potential to excel. Fortunately, you now have an exceptional level of talent in any and all fields of endeavor. This perk by itself will not give you new abilities, such as psychic powers or magic, but if you ever gain access to such capabilities then you will have the potential to rank among the very best.
  • Eagle Scout (-100cp /1550) - You are an expert when it comes to survival, both wilderness and urban. You are both talented and lucky at finding the materials and resources you need, in any environment they could exist in.
  • Lone Survivor (-100cp /1450) - You do not suffer any difficulty resulting from isolation or loneliness. Your social skills do not degrade, and you are guaranteed not to start having conversations with a volleyball.
  • Be Not Afraid (-100cp /1350) - You are immune to the mind-bending or destroying effects of eldritch abominations, are never impaired or disabled by fear, and are also immune to any form of spiritual corruption.
  • Advanced Infantry Training (-100cp /1250) - While you are no Special Forces operator, you have been through Basic Training and Advanced Infantry School, or the equivalent for the setting, and are a highly trained and conditioned soldier. This knowledge updates in new Jumps.
  • The Quick and the Dead (-100cp /1150) - You think fast, react fast, and move fast. Your reaction speed is peak human, and your thought processes are three times as fast as they otherwise would be.
  • Sherlock Scan (-100cp /1050) - When examining a location, object or situation, the parts of it that are important or relevant to you in some way will stand out, calling your attention to them, without distracting you from your surroundings.
  • Secondary Superpowers (-100cp /950) - Any power or ability that you acquire, no matter where or how you acquired it, you also receive the necessary secondary superpowers to make it function properly. You also have the ability to shut off any of your abilities, or to weaken them to any level between off and full power, at will.
  • Psychic Intuition (-100cp /850) - You have a bit of psychic potential. You often get flashes of intuition or gut instinct that prove accurate. You are also an excellent judge of character, can get hints of other people's emotions, and can sense the presence of the supernatural.
  • Screw the Devil (-100cp /750) - You are completely immune to any form of possession. Outside control might still work on you, but you are the only actual occupant of your body, mind and soul, and you are going to stay that way. If you allow something else to possess you, you can resume control and kick them out at will. Nothing can stop you from doing so, if that is what you want to do.
  • Student of War (-100cp /650) - The study of history is often the study of war, and you have become an expert at it. You are not only an expert strategist and tactician, you are also an expert at logistics and organization, the unsung heroes of any military campaign.
  • Cantrips (-100cp /550) - You have minor magical abilities that you can use at will. These abilities are of the same scale as D&D 3.5ed cantrips, useful tricks like cleaning your clothing or creating a small temporary floating ball of light.
  • Universal Translation (-100cp /550) - You can understand, speak, read, write, and think any language you have ever encountered, as long as you have the necessary anatomy. This is retroactive to any languages you might have been exposed to in the past.
  • Engineer (-100cp /350) - Once you know how to use a piece of technology, you can figure out how to fix it. This does not provide tools or materials, just the know-how.

Items: (+200cp Stipend)

  • Bare Necessities (-100cp /150s /350) - Basically, you have a life, set up and waiting for you. You will have a yearly income equal to that of the richest individual in the setting, with all aforementioned advantages and protections. Your home, vehicle and other possessions granted by this item will be enhanced appropriately as well. All wealth, possessions, and/or income from this item will be inserted into each jump in whatever way is needed to make it readily accessible to you without causing any complications re: wealth appearing out of nowhere or damage to the economy. Any form of income you receive, including from other perks or items, may at the Jumper's discretion be deposited into a trust fund that will follow you from jump to jump. If the Jumper so chooses at the start of a jump, this item may be toggled to a lower level or entirely disabled for the duration of that jump.
  • Jumper Total Fitness (Free Power Gamer) - You have access to special workout facilities. These facilities, besides being an absolutely amazing gym, will adjust to provide a good, safe workout for you, no matter how great your physical abilities become. It also includes facilities for safely and effectively training any special abilities you might possess, no matter how powerful or dangerous those abilities are. This attaches to your Warehouse after this Jump.
  • Ultimate Book Of Ultimate Brain Teasers (Discount Power Gamer, -50cp /100s /350) - This book contains an unlimited number of puzzles, games, riddles, and other activities that are always fun and are always the best possible way to train your mental abilities.
  • Smartphone (-100cp /0s /350) - You have a top-of-the-line smartphone that never needs to be recharged or maintained, will instantly repair itself, is immune to malware and hacking, and always has a signal, along with unlimited data and memory. This smartphone can never be tracked, except by its own GPS app and its signal is completely undetectable. For the duration of this jump, it will assume a camouflage appropriate for the level. Additionally, it will always upgrade to match the best equivalent device in each new jump, and will automatically upgrade to have all the abilities of any similar device that you purchase with CP.
  • Laptop (-150cp /200) - You have an absolutely top-of-the-line laptop. It never needs to be recharged or maintained, will instantly repair itself, and can always connect to Jump-Chan's Wi-Fi network, along with possessing unlimited memory. It also has perfect antivirus/malware protections and cannot be hacked. For the duration of this jump, it will assume a camouflage appropriate for the level. Additonally, it will always upgrade to match the best equivalent device in each new jump, and will automatically upgrade to have all the abilities of any similar device that you purchase with CP.
  • Souvenir (-100cp /100) - You have a Glock 29 10mm silenced pistol with all sorts of optional attachments, ideal for any special warfare operator. It's self-cleaning, self-maintaining, has unlimited ammunition, and is far quieter than a weapon of its class normally would be.
  • Souvenir (-100cp /0) - You have an OKC-3S bayonet, ideal for any special warfare operator. It's self-cleaning and is indestructible.


  • Instant Access (Free) - You can now summon any of your possessions from your Warehouse to you, or send objects directly to the Warehouse. Objects cannot be heavier than you can lift, and will be properly and safely stored, assuming you have the facilities to store them safely. You always know what is in the Warehouse and where it is located.
  • Body Mod Reward (Free) - All perks and items from this jump (with the exception of Basic Requirements) are now considered part of your Body Mod. You will still have them, even in Gauntlets or if you take a Power Loss Drawback.

Stanley Ripfield was no stranger to hardship. At 53, he'd lived through more than his fair share of it, first as a HUMINT Sergeant First Class in the US Army, and then as a retiree, trying to find his place in a world that often seemed foreign to him. His decision to fill out a Jumpchain was born from a desire for excitement, a need to escape the mundane. Little did he know, that morning stroll to the mailbox would change everything. A truck came out of nowhere and hit him.

As the world around him shifted, the familiar suburban street was replaced by an endless void. A digital interface appeared, offering him his first world: the Generic First Jump. Stanley's ingrained instincts as a Power Gamer kicked in, leading him to the "Amnesia Strat." By selecting the "Amnesia" and "Total Amnesia" drawbacks, he maximized his points, trading his memories for perks and items that would bolster his survivability.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, he awoke in Happy Days, the epitome of 1950s Americana. Homeless and disoriented, he began a decade of odd jobs, each more menial than the last. From flipping burgers to sweeping floors, his days blurred together, but he remained resolute, his survival instincts honed from years of military service keeping him afloat.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, he found himself stranded on a desolate island, a missing eye and scarce resources his constant companions. Every day was a fight for survival, every night a test of endurance. He scoured the island for food and water, his skills as an Eagle Scout and the perk "Lone Survivor" proving invaluable. The struggle was immense, but he never wavered.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, he was thrust into the Scream universe. Scripted encounters with masked killers and his role as Monster Bait meant danger lurked around every corner. Yet, his military training and the perk "Be Not Afraid" allowed him to face these terrors head-on, often outsmarting and outmaneuvering his pursuers.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, the Military world was a brutal return to a life Stanley thought he'd left behind. Sub-optimal leadership, vague orders, and the constant threat of death turned every day into a nightmare. The perks "Veteran" and "Student of War" were all that stood between him and complete despair despite the PTSD protection of Veteran being locked out for this jump. But as the losses mounted, he still had his persistence and "Self-Motivation". But still, the camaraderie he formed with his fellow soldiers made each death a searing wound on his soul.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, Modern Adventure was a challenging one. His age betrayed him, like it was already doing in his original world. The drawback "Retired, Extremely Dangerous" reminding him that his body wasn't what it used to be. Yet, his experience and quick thinking kept him ahead of his adversaries. The adventures were taxing, but he emerged with new skills and a deeper understanding of himself.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, the Super Hero world left Stanley faced a nemesis that dogged him at every turn. Despite this, he found moments of triumph, his innate tactical mind and newfound powers allowing him to thwart grand schemes and save countless lives. The tension was ever-present, but so was the satisfaction of victory.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, the Modern Occult world plunged him into the secrecy of MACUSA. The "Masquerade" drawback forced him to conceal the supernatural from the public while dealing with threats that would make most men quail. His "Psychic Intuition" perk, described here as having a bit of a Seer's intuition, proved crucial, sensing dangers before they struck and identifying allies amidst the shadows, useful for any hit wizard.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, the Historical world was a harsh reminder of the past's brutality. Bad hygiene, scurvy, and the constant threat of bandits tested his endurance. The "Arranged Marriage" drawback added to his burdens, not with an actual marriage, but with a business partner that was every bit the idiot. But his resilience saw him through, and the historical knowledge he gained would serve him well in future worlds.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, the Fantasy brought large-scale battles and the interest of a powerful Archmage. The siege was a bloodbath, but Stanley's strategic genius and the perks he accumulated turned the tide in his favor. The Archmage's interest was a mixed blessing, providing both aid and hindrance in equal measure.

As the void gave way to the first of ten worlds, the Science Fiction world presented a test. An alien invasion threatened humanity itself, but Stanley's skills, knowledge, and the myriad perks he'd gained from the Jumpdoc enabled him to play a pivotal role in humanity's defense.

Arriving back in the warehouse, Stanley found himself sitting on the floor, memories flooding back in a torrent of emotion. He sat in silence, the weight of a hundred years pressing down on him. The faces of fallen comrades haunted him, the trauma of war and loss resurfacing with a vengeance. He grappled with his emotions, questioning the worth of his journey.

Ten minutes passed. Stanley sighed deeply, rising from the floor with a weary determination. The terminal awaited him, its screen ready for the next chapter. He navigated to the document and began making selections for his Cosmic Warehouse, preparing for whatever the Jumpchain had in store next. Technically he had a week, and while he could technically just jump into the next world, one thing he had learned was that work-life balance was just as important as always being vigilant. Because despite the pain and the loss, he was a soldier, and a soldier's duty was never done. Now time to set up the Cosmic Warehouse, relax by planning out his next jump, studying, reading, watching movies and playing games on his laptop. After all, the other worlds can wait.



Water - You are fairly bland, but healthy, and pretty much ubiquitous. You don't stick out or get noticed very much, which just might be the way you like it.


  • Just The Way I Like It (Free) - Any beverage will be exactly how you prefer it, in terms of temperature and additions such as cream or sugar. It will also always be clean and fresh, completely safe to drink.
  • Sufficient Capacity (Free) - You have unlimited capacity for any form of liquid sustenance, capable of drinking constantly without discomfort or difficulty. You also do not need to urinate, your body will process all liquid waste entirely, though you can choose to urinate if you so desire, for whatever reason you might have.
  • Beverage Expert (-100cp /900) - You have an expert level of knowledge on all forms of beverage and the industries behind them. From how to purify water, the history of various soda brands, various trivia about wines, the best way to brew coffee to where the best tea is grown, you have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things drinkable.
  • Basic Requirement For Life (Free Water) - Everybody needs water, so drinking it doesn't really make you stand out much. In fact, you can easily blend in with any group, people will soon come to see you as belonging instead of an outsider and you will quickly learn the culture and peculiarities.
  • Transparent (Discounted Water, 100cp /800) - Water is clear, or at least it is supposed to be. Now, people can see through you as well, when you want them to. What that means is that, as long as you are telling the truth, other people will know you are telling the truth.
  • Eight Glasses Per Day (Discounted Water, -200cp /600) - Water is good for you, in fact, you need it to live. Your appreciation for this most basic of beverages helps keep you well-hydrated and healthy. You are immune to any form of disease, infection or poison. You also tend to heal a bit faster than most people.
  • It Is In Everything (Discounted Water, -300cp /300) - You know, I think that if you checked, you would find that water is the first ingredient in all of these beverages. So, why would anyone care if you were drinking water instead of something else? Why, they wouldn't of course. They probably wouldn't even notice you at all. It would be as if you had an SEP-field around you, as long as you didn't do something crazy like try to hurt someone. People will assume you are allowed to be where you are, unless of course no one is allowed where you are.
  • Fizzy and Bubbly (-100cp /200) - Maybe it is all the sugar and caffeine, but you are an endless font of energy and optimism. You will never experience fatigue and find it very easy to remain upbeat even in the worst circ*mstances. People will not find it unusual or off-putting for you to engage in what some would consider childish activities, and they might join in and have fun if you invite them to.
  • Life Experience (Engineer, Mechanic, Computer Programmer) ((First -100cp, second & 3rd -50cp) -200cp /0) - You seen a thing or two, been places and done things. Pick a career or job from the real world. You have a lifetime's worth of skill, experience and knowledge pertaining to that career, enough to put you at the top of your field. You also have whatever documentation is required to pursue that field. This can be taken multiple times, additional purchases are Discounted for everyone.

Items: (+200cp Stipend)

  • Favorite Beverage (-50cp /150s /0) - You have an unlimited supply of your favorite drink, made exactly how you like it, and you can summon a glass/cup/shot/whatever of it at any time. For 50cp, this can be any beverage of a general type, such as any soda, any type of coffee or any co*cktail.
  • Mouth-Watering Morsels (-50cp /100s /0) - A bag of chips to go with your soda, or a tasty donut to go with your coffee... well, you don't have to worry about looking for that anymore, as at any time, you can summon a shopping cart full of whatever snack foods you desire at that time, of any variety (i.e., you need not choose one type of snack per cart).
  • Drinks Replicator (-100cp /0) - Favorite Beverage may give you any sort of beverage you want, but you may not want to be stuck summoning drinks for all of your friends (or your planet-spanning civilization) whenever you have a shindig. That's where this comes in. A Star Trek replicator knock-off, this machine can create any drink for you as long as you can provide it with a recipe or sample, and as long as it has access to enough energy to create them. This allows you to prepare lists of options in advance and simply give a command to keep preparing drinks, to make it easier for parties.

Crewman Ripfield stepped into the transporter room of the starship, his new uniform feeling strange yet familiar. The bustling sounds of the Engineering deck greeted him as he materialized, and he took a deep breath, steeling himself for the ten-year stint that lay ahead. This was the "Generic Thirst" world, with a setting akin to Star Trek, and Stanley was just another enlisted member of the Engineering crew.

He had chosen this world with a singular goal in mind: to blend in and avoid attention. After a century of high-stakes adventures and traumatic memories, he yearned for peace and routine. His "It Is In Everything" perk ensured that he could move about unnoticed, a faceless cog in the vast machinery of the starship's operations.

Stanley's days were filled with fixing equipment and ensuring the smooth running of the ship's systems. His "Engineer" perk from the Generic First Jump proved invaluable here. Whether it was recalibrating the warp core, fixing malfunctioning replicators, or debugging the ship's computer systems, he handled each task with the expertise of a seasoned professional. His skills as an Engineer, Mechanic, and Computer Programmer, honed to the level of a lifetime's worth of experience by his "Life Experience" perk, made him a vital asset to the crew, even if he didn't stand out.

In his free time, Stanley immersed himself in the ship's extensive database, diving deep into the sciences of this advanced world. His perfect memory, courtesy of "Seeing The Sights, All The Sights," allowed him to retain and recall every piece of information he encountered. He studied physics, chemistry, and mathematics, seeking to understand the principles that governed this futuristic society. He explored theoretical physics, delving into alternate realities and the possibilities they presented.

His "Oh, The Possibilities" perk fueled his creativity, enabling him to find clever and inventive uses for the knowledge he acquired. He mapped out potential applications for this knowledge in future worlds, preparing himself to survive and even thrive in any scenario. Whether it was understanding the fundamentals of warp travel or the intricacies of flint knapping, Stanley absorbed it all.

The "Hard Work Pays Dividends" perk further accelerated his learning, allowing him to master complex concepts in record time. His immunity to boredom and his self-motivation kept him focused and driven. He planned his studies with military precision, breaking down each subject into manageable chunks and setting achievable goals.

Stanley's dedication to his studies paid off. His knowledge ventured into the realms of theorizing new ways to manipulate energy, contemplating the nature of dark matter, and thinking of ways of experimenting with chemical reactions in the ship's lab. Not that he did it, but he did document his thoughts in his notes.

When asked about his constant research, Stanley would smile and mention that he was working on a new book series. It was a half-truth. While he did intend to write, his primary goal was preparation. He wanted to be ready for whatever the Jumpchain threw at him next.

Ten years passed in a blur of activity and learning. Stanley's expertise grew, his confidence in his abilities solidified. He remained unnoticed, just another face in the crowd except for a rather seemingly overlooked personnel file full of good work. His quiet, uneventful stint on the starship had been exactly what he needed: a time to rest, reflect, and prepare for the next worlds. To go to infinity and beyond. But wait, that's another story…



  • Instrument of Salvation (+100cp /1100) - Roll 1d8+4 for your age (12). You've got a map on your back nobody can read, and some people think it might lead to dry land. This means some people will want to kidnap you, cut it off your back, or torture you until you tell them how to read it. Better keep it covered.
  • Ulysses Edition (+100cp /1200) - A short 10 years? Don't joke. You're here for the long haul. Extended, uncut, 40 years, instead. You'll get to see a lot more of the planet, possibly. But it's all water. No matter where you go, people are people, and life is hard. Maybe you can use this time to build something that will last?
  • MUTATION (+0cp) - A curious freak of genetics, and perhaps proof that Darwin was wrong. Some will want to lynch you, others dissect you. You unfortunately bear obvious signs of mutation.


  • Background - Mariner - There are those who live on the open ocean. Souls who brave the waves to bring commerce and news between settlements. Drifters live by a code, but not all follow it. A man's boat is his castle. When two drifters meet, something must be exchanged. Nothing is free. A hard, lonely life, and many die or go insane. But better than floating on an island waiting for death or smokers.
  • Starting Location - Open Ocean - You have a small sail boat, a few supplies, and trade goods. Enough to get you to the next atoll or trading post (sometimes a literal post sticking out of the ocean). Watch out for pirates and slavers.
  • Starting Age: 12


  • Apocalypse Engineer (-200cp /1000) - Build and maintain things like boats, piss distillers, hot air balloons, electric generators, hydrogen gas synthesizers, or a floating oil refinery with nothing but time and scarce resources. Has mankind always been so resourceful and capable of making do with what's at hand?
  • Icthysapien (Free Mariner) - Functional gills, webbed toes, and a nictitating membrane. Perfectly adapted to life in Waterworld. Even if you don't have a people, this is what the future of humanity looks like on this planet, at least. Take the "MUTATION" drawback for no points.
  • What They Really Want (Discount Mariner, -200cp /800) - This is a world of scavengers and predators. They'll often try to cozy up to a person by being extra friendly. Maybe it's paranoia, or a sixth sense, but you can tell whether somebody is sincere in their romantic or platonic advances. You'll know if they really want you, or just want to use you.
  • Kill Something (Discount Mariner, 300cp /500) - This perk provides a level of stealth, situational awareness, strength, ability, and talent for improvisation in the midst of combat that rivals an experienced Navy Seal. Seriously, it's like an aquatic Rambo, killing dozens of smokers in their own base before getting discovered.


  • Compass & Sextant (-200cp /300) - As long as you can see the sky, with even vague directions, you can find your way. Whether that's an atoll "8 days West of here", or the legendary Dry Land, all you need is some knowledge that relates to your destination's location. This compass and sextant can give you the readings to find it.
  • Hide Your Shame (Free Mariner) - Boots and a neck kerchief - necessary to hide icthysapien features like webbed toes and gills. Plus, they're stylish. You'll have all the guys asking if those boots are for trade. After this jump it may become clothing that hides tails, wings, or horns. You still need some human features for it to work.
  • Dirt! (Discount Mariner, -100cp /200) - You've got a jar of dirt. Real dirt! Worth more than pure hydro. You can trade it for chits, plants, repairs, or whatever else is for sale. And everything is for sale. This much wealth can open any atoll's gates. It seems to refill every moon, too. Dirt isn't always so valuable, so after the jump ends, this becomes a stash of whatever the local highly sought-after resource/currency is.
  • My Boat (Discount Mariner, -200cp /0) - This boat has everything, and you can work it like it's part of yourself. Full of tricks and helpful conveniences, it can outrun smokers, let alone any other ship, using only sails and a flywheel. Should it ever be irreparably damaged and sink, you'll find it drifting a couple days later, only needing minor repairs. Guess Poseidon is looking out for you.

Stanley, this time starting as a 12-year-old boy, floated alone on a makeshift raft made from a barrel in the vast, unending ocean. His home, an atoll, had deemed him old enough to fend for himself and cast him out due to his mutation. Gills, webbed toes, and a nictitating membrane marked him as different, a sign of evolution, but to the superstitious and fearful, he was an abomination. As he drifted, the memories of his past lives and jumps returned, flooding his young mind with experiences and knowledge beyond his years.

He was alone, but not without hope. His raft drifted towards a small, solitary boat, a vessel not unlike the Mariner's Tremain from the movie Waterworld. Stanley recognized it immediately as his new home, his sanctuary. Climbing aboard, he began to explore and assess his new vessel. The boat was in decent shape but needed improvements to be truly seaworthy and up to his now much-improved standards.

Stanley's perks from his previous jumps kicked in almost immediately. His "Apocalypse Engineer" from this jump allowed him to start making repairs and upgrades using the materials and tools he found onboard and scavenged from the sea. He had basic tools, some trade goods, and his wits. With the "Engineer" perk from G1J, he could fix and improve almost anything. He replaced worn-out parts, reinforced the hull, and installed a rudimentary desalination system explain his constant supply of fresh water in case someone actually wanted to check.

He found a compass and sextant onboard in the cabin below, tools that would help him navigate the endless seas. With these, he could chart his course, find atolls, and avoid the deadly Smokers who roamed the waters looking for easy prey. The boat came equipped with a jar of dirt, a precious commodity in this waterlogged world, refilling every new moon. This jar would be his key to bartering for supplies and repairs at various atolls.

Stanley's mutation, a curse that had gotten him cast out, became a boon. With his gills and webbed toes, he could swim like a fish, diving deep for resources and escaping danger with ease. The "Icthysapien" perk made him perfectly adapted to this aquatic world. His "Hide Your Shame" item, a pair of boots and a neck kerchief, allowed him to conceal his mutations when necessary, blending in with the non-mutant humans.

His life for the next 40 years would be one of constant movement and adaptation. Stanley's perfect memory, a result of his "Seeing The Sights, All The Sights" perk, allowed him to recall every detail he learned about sailing, navigation, and survival (especially combined with his "Eagle Scout" perk). He used this knowledge to enhance his boat further, transforming it from a simple sailboat into a highly advanced vessel, capable of outmaneuvering any threat.

Stanley sailed from one atoll to another, always keeping his back covered to hide the mysterious map tattooed there. The "Instrument of Salvation" drawback made him a target for those who believed the map led to dry land. He had to be cautious, never staying in one place too long, always on the move.

When not sailing or fighting off Smokers, Stanley dedicated himself to learning and improving. His immune system kept him healthy, and his ability to remain motivated and immune to boredom allowed him to delve deep into various scientific fields. This time he studied astronomy, oceanography, and marine biology. His "Hard Work Pays Dividends" perk made his learning and training more efficient, allowing him to master complex subjects quickly.

Stanley's "Kill Something" perk, combined with his "Advanced Infantry Training," turned him into a formidable warrior. He fought like an aquatic Rambo, using stealth, strength, and situational awareness to take down enemies. The Smokers, a constant threat, learned to fear the mysterious mariner who could disappear beneath the waves and strike from the shadows. It lead to the legend of the mariner to continue. "He doesn't have a name, so death can't find him. He doesn't have a home or people to care for. He's not afraid of anything, men least of all. He's fast and strong like a big wind. He can hear 100 miles and see 100 miles underwater. He can hide in the shadow of the noon sun. He can be right behind you and you won't even know it 'till your dead."

Over the years, Stanley built a reputation as a capable and resourceful sailor. He helped those in need, traded at various atolls, and fought off pirates and slavers. He meticulously mapped the waters, creating a detailed chart of the known world, marking locations of resources, friendly atolls, and dangerous territories. Despite the hardships and the constant threat of danger, Stanley found a sense of peace in the rhythm of the ocean and the challenges it presented. His long years in Waterworld honed his skills and prepared him for whatever lay ahead in his journey through the Jumpchain. And as Bruce Lee said, "Be like Water."



  • The French (+100cp /1100) - Those french people. They're rude, obnoxious, and they keep insulting you. What's worse is that they keep following you and they're always in some sort of fortification so you can't just punch them in the face!
  • Hunched Back (+100cp /1200) - Some people have problems; well, you have back problems. It doesn't look nice, it actually looks kinda horrible. Even the nuns can't stand how you look.
  • By The Book (+200cp /1400) - The Book. The Almighty Book. Somewhere, somehow you acquired a cursed talking bible book. It seems to be indestructible and whenever you throw it away it always reappears somehow. It's probably possessed by some trickster demon or something, whatever it is it's annoying.
  • The Knight (+200cp /1600) - There is a knight in this world who is looking for a fight big enough to make him famous. They've Decided that you're that fight. They will chase you throughout this world with the intention of killing you in honorable battle.
  • Excalibur (+300cp /1900) - Congratulation! You've somehow managed to acquire a copy of King Arthur's famous sword Excalibur. Unfortunately, there's something wrong with it. You see, it talks, and it's not very nice about it. It's constantly insulting you, asking questions just to interrupt you when you're about to answer. It won't even let you wield it in battle unless you do 1000 errands for it beforehand. And probably the worst thing about this sword is at night, where it recites sh*tty poetry for three hours before sleeping where it snores loudly. At least when you leave this jump you get a powerful QUIET sword.


Peasant (-100cp /1800) - Growing up on a farm or in a workshop you have known hard work since the day you were born. Despite being one of the lowest classes it is by no means a bad life to live, after all without the peasants what would the nobles be?


  • Knowledgeable (-100cp /1700) - With this you gain a library of knowledge about myths & the legends surrounding them, along with an encyclopedia of information equal to a degree in Biology, Botany, Ecology, Geology, and Ethology, not only in this world but all your previous ones and gaining more as you continue. You also gain a working knowledge in medicine and first aid.
  • Alchemy (-200cp /1500) - Healers must use a variety of methods when trying to cure the common peoples and sometimes even nobles. Among this arsenal of healing techniques is knowledge in use of Herbs, poisons, and even explosive or flammable compounds. While you probably couldn't reconstruct an arm with just these you could cure almost any disease. In a time where more people die of diseases than in battle it's a great skill to have.
  • Combat Skill (-100cp /1400) - Every knight needs to know how to fight. Most are trained to use a large variety of weapons, and most have either average or below skill in each. You don't settle with average however. You have the skill to match even masters in the use of a sword, bow, and seven other melee weapons (lance, dagger, shield, axe, quarterstaff, mace, spear).
  • General Peasant Skill (Free Peasant) - Every peasant must know some sort of trade to make a living in this age. You however have several. Both in the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fashioning useful items out of various metals, and planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other physical structures.
  • Sword Plant (Discount Peasant, -100cp /1300) - In your hands holds the power to grow nearly anything, even man-made objects. Just plant pieces of objects and they grow bigger or more complex. You might plant a branch and grow a log, or a bee and grow a hive, even metal objects can be planted.
  • Master Craftsman (Discount Peasant, -300cp /1000) - Thanks to being taught by faeries anything you make by hand is a great deal better than anything regular human can make. Armor is nearly indestructible and lighter than it should be, blades are sharper, blunt weapons have more force behind them, bows and crossbows can shoot farther and are easier to pull back. Even mundane items like baskets work better, though you can't give items mystical powers without being a wizard or something.
  • Star Blessed (Reticulum) (-100cp /900) - You are blessed by the stars in the Reticulum constellation. This gives you perfect Aim with any ranged weapon.
  • Maleficium (-200cp /700) - Similar to true magic but instead is focused on empowerment, curses, transfiguration, and contracts using mystic runes. Though it focuses on these subjects there is little it cannot do if you know the right runes. Even if it's power for destruction may not be as powerful as a wizard's magic.
  • Dragon Soul (-300cp /400) - You have the soul of a dragon, or at least people seem to think that now. Aside from the cool factor this give you a greatly increased aptitude for magic of all kinds and, even if only slight, the respect of dragons. Allowing you to talk to even the haughtiest of flying lizards without them immediately trying to kill you.
  • Magic (-400cp /0) - A Rare power within this world with only 1 in 10000 normal humans having the power allowing its user to bring things into being using Pure Willpower and the Stamina of the caster. Throwing fire balls, constructing a sword, making it rain, all basic powers that can be acquired easily, but a wizard isn't an unlimited battery of power, more complicated spells take more power and are therefore harder to use. That said with enough willpower and energy there are very few things you couldn't achieve.


Gold Coins (Free Peasant) - It's a bunch of gold coins, around 1000 of them. I'm not sure why these people use solid gold as currency but that's not really important is it?

Stanley, now a humble peasant, found himself in a peculiar world where logic often took a backseat to absurdity. At the tender age of twelve, Stanley had been taken by the Fae, whisked away from his mundane existence. The Fae, in their whimsical yet mischievous ways, taught him the art of craftsmanship, bestowing upon him the title of "Master Craftsman." Little did Stanley know, accepting gifts from the Fae always came with strings attached.

His new reality was filled with whimsical and sometimes dangerous encounters. One of the "gifts" he received was "The Book," a cursed talking bible that seemed to delight in spouting unsolicited advice and terrible poetry. Despite his attempts to discard it, The Book always found its way back to him.

Another so-called gift was the sword Excalibur, or rather a cursed copy of it. The sword had a personality more abrasive than its edge was sharp, constantly insulting Stanley and demanding he complete a thousand errands before it would even allow him to wield it properly. It recited atrocious poetry at night and snored loudly when it finally slept. Stanley often wondered if the Fae were having a laugh at his expense.

One last gift was a change in appearance, with a hunched back that even the nuns couldn't bear to look at. This deformity made him an easy target for ridicule, but Stanley had long since learned to ignore the jabs and jests. He had more pressing concerns, like the fact that a particularly persistent knight had decided Stanley was his ticket to fame. This knight, known for saying "Ni!" at inopportune moments, chased Stanley across the countryside, demanding an honorable duel as he was going about doing tasks for the damnable sword he got from the Fae. Stanley, more adept than the knight anticipated, defeated him handily with a combination of superior combat skills and the occasional well-placed insult.

Despite these challenges, Stanley made the most of his situation. His knowledge of alchemy allowed him to pass off magical remedies as mere herbal medicine, which was a safer route than openly using magic in this superstitious and often hostile environment. His skills in combat, bolstered by his "Combat Skill" perk, ensured he could defend himself when necessary, and his "General Peasant Skill" made him invaluable in the cultivation of plants and construction of useful items.

Living in a satirical medieval world was no easy task. The French, always fortifying themselves in some impenetrable stronghold, hurled insults at him whenever he came close making fun of his father (who the called a hamster) and mother (who apparently smelled of elderberries). Stanley, now fluent in the art of the retort, often left them sputtering in confusion.

Despite the challenges and the constant annoyance of The Book and Excalibur, Stanley found a strange kind of peace in this world. The absurdity and humor that pervaded every corner of this land made even the direst situations bearable. He adapted, thrived, and became a part of the satirical tapestry of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. After all, who would expect a hunchback to pull out a 10mm pistol and blast away at a problem like Indiana Jones when things get too serious? A modern American (or a British guy depicting a modern American, that's who).



Dreamless Sleep (+100cp /1100) - Normally the Mansus is accessed by entering one of the many doors while exploring the world of dreams. You however, seem unable to dream normally. For your duration here, your sleep will be dreamless, forcing you to rely on alternative methods to enter the Mansus. For 100cp, simple tools like scrying orbs, magical mirrors, or ancient meditation methods, will allow you to continue your studies.


  • Starting Location - London - War has come and gone, once again, and London yet remains. But the scars are still fresh, and the people who once trusted the silver spoons and the coppers are now singing a very different tune. Try as they might, the mines will dig ever greedily.
  • Background - Detective - An unwilling participant of the Principles of Secret Histories. It seems the many demi-real Histories are not always kind to everyone, sometimes pulling people back and forth between the things that are... and the things that should never be. Some break and crumble under the pressure. Others, like you, push back in hopes of making sense of it. You'll begin by having accepted a life as a paper pusher for the Suppression Bureau. In the desk, a handful of ominous documents from your now-deceased predecessor will tower over the paperwork.


  • P.I. Jumper (Free Detective) - I can't let you go out on those streets without some proper training rookie. You are now a master at cold reading your targets, which makes you capable of picking up subtle hints and cues based on their body language, their appearance, or their mannerisms, and using cleverly designed language you can squeeze the truth with them being none the wiser. With this you are able to spot the signs of struggle and of anxiety, the nervous tics before a breakdown, and the different tells that incriminate liars.
  • Perceptive (Free Detective) - It's important to not make mistakes in the field, especially when the lives of innocents are at stake. If you didn't before, you now possess at least peak human perception across all five senses. More importantly, you're able to process this input with exceptional clarity. You could easily identify and isolate a quiet conversation in a bustling cafe, spot a face out of a crowd like it was painted red, differentiate twins from one another just by smell, identify every ingredient used in a sumptuous meal, or know your exact location from the movement of a carriage.
  • Starborn (Discount Detective, -100cp /1000) - There are dark and malevolent forces out there, jumper, and fighting the occult arts is bound to reveal one or two forbidden secrets that would destroy lesser minds. Lucky for you, your ability to pursue the truth is now unimpaired by the shackles of human nature. Through this perk you can learn any type of mystery, truth, or knowledge, without risking your wellbeing. This even expands to the realm of memetic, cognito and infohazards. No experience can unnerve you, no knowledge can break you, and no truth can unravel your soul.
  • Hidden Intuition (Discount Detective, 100cp /900) - It's easy to get the position, but it's quite hard to keep the job. To grow old as a detective of the Suppression Bureau one requires more than just everyday skills. Through this ability you may identify hidden knowledge about a clue, an object, a situation, or a person in ways that are easy for you to understand. From your perspective, cursed items shrill ominously, poisons fume with a toxic green color, important items glow visibly, and bad situations make your skin crawl. What's better is that these experiences are always trustworthy as they cannot be imitated, suppressed or countered, and they always adapt to cover new situations that you experience or new senses that you unlock.
  • Mystic Hunter (Discount Detective, -200cp /700) - For a human fighting in a world filled with eldritch nightmares you are truly tenacious, and judging by the looks of it you seem to be able to hold just fine against threats larger than yourself. With this perk, you'll receive a natural advantage against the supernatural. Against you, supernatural attacks feel more sluggish, accelerated movements look predictable, impregnable defenses are riddled with holes, and overwhelming strength is only slightly overbearing. You'll still be forced to play on the defensive, especially against larger threats, but at least you'll have a solid chance of succeeding regardless of whether you choose fight or flight. This ability only works for the supernatural, so don't let yourself get mauled by a fierce beast, or squashed by a large rock.

Principles and Affinity Powers: (+100cp Stipend)

  • Secret Histories - Secret Histories are a contentious topic, for they are not always recognized as a Principle. Regardless, for many historians they are the only source of knowledge that describes the unknown complexities of the world, and its many pasts.
  • Secret Histories Affinity: Postcognition (Free Detective) - Your affinity for Secret Histories has given you an uncanny attention to detail that bleeds into postcognition, allowing you to see things as they once were. Can be used by focusing on a single item or an entire location.
  • Lantern - Lantern is the Principle of the secret place sometimes called the House of the Sun, and the light above it. Dreamers of Lantern tend to be merciless intellectuals who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of enlightenment.
  • Lantern Affinity: Mind's Eye (-100cp /0s /700) - Your affinity for Lantern manifests through your sight, allowing you to see in low light conditions and through supernatural illusions.
  • Edge - Edge is the Principle of battle and struggle. An initiate of Edge is always that, an initiate, for they understand that there's always bigger fish out there. And they'll challenge them all the same.
  • Edge Affinity: True Strike (-100cp /600) - Your attacks now possess an unique quality, allowing them to pierce past the corporeal world and strike directly at your targets. This doesn't guarantee that your enemies will instantly die, but hurt them enough and you might just kill them.
  • Heart - The Heart is the Principle that continues and preserves. The Principle of the Heart protects, nourishes, and endures, and those who cling to the protection of the Heart fervently desire to outlive those who do not.
  • Heart Affinity: Healing Touch (-300cp /300) - Your affinity with the Heart has granted you a healing touch that will slowly heal the sick, mend the wounded, and even regrow limbs. This power requires conscious action, forcing you to at least acknowledge the problem before it can be treated.

Items: (+200cp Stipend)

  • A Crate of Ingredients (-400cp /0s /100) - This 3m x 1m x 1m wooden shipping crate can contain any assortment of ingredients that could be useful for your occult rituals or other activities. They don't need to be magical in nature. This includes, but is not limited to: powders, poisons, tinctures, extracts, plants, body parts, ores, or even gemstones. You could even find an entire corpse inside it, provided it fits. To claim them, simply think of the materials you need and open the crate. The crate will be neatly organized and filled to the brim with everything you asked for inside it. This crate will reset exactly one week after being emptied.
  • A Corner Street Newsstand (-100cp /0) - A small newspaper stall with a small selection of literature. The papers here holler with confidence, knowing that only the initiated will listen. This stand only seems to sell newspapers of the tabloid variety, that just so happen to be written with rather truthful stories. This daily news sometimes includes useful information regarding the many demi-real Secret Histories. (This will follow you to your next jump and update their appearance to blend seamlessly with the setting. Alternatively, it can become a warehouse attachment, or import permanently into an existing property in a manner of your choosing.)

Agent Ripfield found himself once again in a world unfamiliar and yet filled with opportunities for those with the right set of skills and knowledge. This time, it was the world of Cultist Simulator, a place where the lines between reality and the arcane blur, where secrets lie just beneath the surface, waiting to be uncovered by those brave or foolish enough to seek them.

At 24, Stanley had already lived many lifetimes across various worlds, accumulating a wealth of skills and experiences. In this iteration, he assumed the role of a detective in post-war 1920s London, a city shrouded in fog and mystery. The air was thick with the scent of coal and secrets, and the scars of recent conflicts were still visible on the streets and in the hearts of its inhabitants.

Stanley's office in the Suppression Bureau was a cluttered mess of papers and ominous documents left by his predecessor, whose untimely demise was shrouded in mystery. Among the stacks of paperwork, he found cryptic notes and strange artifacts that hinted at deeper, darker truths. It was here, surrounded by these remnants of the past, that Stanley's journey into the occult truly began.

One of the first challenges Stanley faced was the drawback of Dreamless Sleep. Unlike many others who could access the Mansus—the dream-realm where many arcane truths could be uncovered—Stanley found himself unable to dream normally. This meant that he had to rely on alternative methods to explore the Mansus and its secrets. He turned to scrying orbs, magical mirrors, and ancient meditation techniques to pierce the veil between reality and the arcane.

His role as a detective granted him the perks P.I. Jumper and Perceptive. These abilities allowed him to read people and situations with uncanny accuracy, making him a master at cold reading and picking up subtle cues that others might miss. This was further enhanced by his Sherlock Scan perk at making sure he got all the clues he needed. His senses were heightened, enabling him to isolate a conversation in a bustling cafe or spot a hidden clue in a chaotic scene.

Stanley's innate curiosity and resilience were bolstered by the perks Starborn and Hidden Intuition. The Starborn perk just enhanced the protection to his mind from the sanity-eroding truths he sought (thanks to Be Not Afraid), while the latter provided a bonus to his supernatural sense of danger and importance (thanks to Psychic Intuition). Cursed items glowed ominously, poisons fumed with toxic colors, and important objects shone with an inner light, guiding Stanley in his investigations.

The Mystic Hunter perk made him formidable against supernatural threats. Eldritch horrors moved sluggishly in his presence; their defenses riddled with exploitable gaps. This was crucial in a world filled with occult dangers, allowing Stanley to hold his own against entities that would have overwhelmed a lesser investigator.

Stanley's affinity for Secret Histories granted him the power of postcognition. By focusing on an object or location, he could see events as they had once occurred, piecing together the fragmented narratives of the past. This ability, combined with his detective skills, made him an invaluable asset in unraveling the mysteries that plagued London.

His connections to the Lantern principle manifested through the Mind's Eye ability, allowing him to see in low light and through supernatural illusions. This gift was particularly useful when navigating the shadowy alleys and hidden chambers where occult rituals were performed and aided in his detective skills.

Stanley's mastery of various disciplines was further enhanced by his perks from previous jumps. His Alchemy skills allowed him to create potent remedies and dangerous poisons while the Crate of Ingredients provided him with the necessary components for his rituals, experiments, and potions, ensuring he was always prepared for the challenges he faced. The Healing Touch of the Heart principle enabled him to mend wounds and cure ailments, which was further enhanced by his Magic perk from King Arthur, earning him the trust of those he helped.

His affinity for the Edge principle granted him the True Strike ability, ensuring that his attacks could pierce through the physical and strike at the essence of his targets, even the incorporeal ones. This was a crucial advantage when dealing with the many supernatural threats that lurked in or were shadows.

London was a city of hidden wars, where cults vied for power and eldritch entities sought to break into the mortal realm. Stanley, with his unique blend of skills and knowledge, positioned himself as a key player in this shadowy conflict. He navigated the treacherous waters of secret societies and hidden histories, using his abilities to uncover plots, thwart dark rituals, and protect the innocent. After all, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow… err… Stanley knows."



  • I'd Buy That For A Dollar! (+100cp /1100) - Every form of media is riddled with incredibly cheesy advertisem*nts that features a fair amount of violence for products aimed at families
  • Bad Language Makes For Bad Feelings. (+100cp /1200) - It is now impossible for you to swear or do drugs. Trying to smoke will see the cigarette shot out of your hand by a stray bullet.
  • He's Product. Is That Clear? (+200cp /1400) - No matter your job or your rank, everyone treats you as a thing. The public won't pay attention to you, OCP thinks you're a tool, and the police expect you to die so quickly they already called the morgue.


Cyborg (-600cp /800) - An accident occurred and you received severe damage. In fact, you were legally dead for almost five minutes. But before you died you signed a waver granting OCP the rights to perform bionic surgery on you to help test their technology for the Robocop project.


  • Basil Poledouris (Free) - With this you get not only several sets of music to fit any mood, You now have your own theme song. One that is like no other and matches you perfectly. Best of all, it is highly flexible. Able to work during moments of high tension and sadness just as well as the times when you are being a badass. It is togglable, but it will never get old or stale.
  • Can You Fly, Bobby? (-100cp /700) - You know all the basics to criminal work. From lockpicking a door to cracking a safe, and leave no trail for the cops to follow. You won't be making any rookie mistakes. Like blowing open the safe door and thus burning the bills, making them as good as marked.
  • Yes, I Am A Cop (-100cp /600) - Handguns, shotguns, basic procedure, and most importantly, the law. You have been trained and memorized all of this enough to be a highly proficient cop. You even have general knowledge on smoke launchers, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Finally, you know enough about driving that you can successfully perform the pit maneuver.
  • He Fumbled The Ball And I Was There To Pick It Up (-100cp /500) – You know how to climb the corporate ladder. Whenever you spot someone who makes a mistake or misses an opportunity, you know exactly how to take their spot and get the reward based on your own skills. Someone just horribly failed their presentation for the defense drone? You know exactly how to pitch to the Corporate Leader that you could use your cybernetic knowledge skills to build a bionic soldier. Even if the ONLY thing he knows about you is that you work for him, he will buy it and give you the chance.
  • Role Models Can Be Very Important To A Boy (Free Cyborg) – You know exactly how to act and what words to say to make something stick in a kid's mind. Life lessons you impart on them will stay with them for their entire life. The younger they are, the more effective it is.


  • Terminal Strip (Free Cyborg) - A spike-like device that is hidden in the fist. It can interface with corresponding data ports to operate computer systems and download or upload vast quantities of information instantaneously.
  • Senses (Free Cyborg) - The eyes and ears are replaced with robotic versions. The Visual sensors allow for internal zoom capability, as well as tracking and even a weapon reticle that accounts for basic ballistic trajectory. While the Auditory sensors allow for enhanced hearing to the point of hearing whispered conversations across the room in a night club. Together, it allows the ability to record everything seen and heard.
  • Total Body Prosthesis (Free Cyborg) - All but the brain is replaced with synthetic and artificial materials. The new body requires only a small amount of simple nutrients to survive. Needs very little sleep. Built in emergency oxygen tanks. And has storage pockets for items built in. This body allows for more than 70% of its structure to be destroyed and still function so long as the brain casing is in tact.
  • Artificial Muscles (Discount Cyborg, -150cp /350) - A system of powerful hydraulics and actuators as used in place of what would have been muscle. They allow for enough strength to break a door off its steel hinges, smash through walls, and even deliver 400 foot pounds with just the hand.
  • Armored Shell (Discount Cyborg, -150cp /200) - The entire body is encased in titanium laminated with Kevlar. Durable enough to be virtually immune to small arms fire and heat resistant enough to withstand gasoline explosions unscathed. As a bonus, an anti-shock frame is built into the skeletal structure to allow the ability to fall from extreme heights and suffer minimal to no damage.


  • Visor (-100cp /100) - Built into a helmet casing, the visor allows for thermal vision viewing powerful enough to spot people through insulated walls. Cyborgs can attach the helmet to their head through two large screws.
  • Auto 9 (Free Cyborg) – A highly advanced, perfectly balanced, 9mm, select-fire machine pistol. Comes with replenishing 50-round magazines and the ability to twirl the gun cowboy-style before holstering.
  • Resting Cage (Discount Cyborg, -100cp /0) - A room packed with electronics with a metal chair as the centerpiece. Any cyborg resting in the chair will be repaired while they sleep. The room attaches to the warehouse post-jump.

Officer Ripfield woke up to the familiar yet disorienting hum of medical machinery. The last thing he remembered was the searing pain and the sensation of his body being torn apart by bullets. He had been ambushed, tortured in the same brutal manner as the cop he was clearing the building with, Alex Murphy. They were both left for dead, but in this dystopian Detroit, death was just another beginning.

Ripfield had been legally dead for nearly five minutes before OCP's surgeons brought him back, transforming him into something more -and less - than human. He was now a cyborg, part of the Robocop project, equipped with state-of-the-art cybernetics and an unyielding sense of duty. Murphy had gone through the same procedure, and together, they represented OCP's new breed of law enforcement.

Ripfield's new body was a marvel of engineering. His "Total Body Prosthesis" replaced nearly every organic part of him with synthetic materials. Only his brain remained, encased in a protective shell. His new form required minimal nutrients, had built-in emergency oxygen tanks, and was virtually indestructible. The "Armored Shell" made him impervious to small arms fire and resistant to explosions. "Artificial Muscles" gave him the strength to break through walls and deliver devastating blows.

His new "Senses" were extraordinary. Robotic eyes with internal zoom, tracking capabilities, and a weapon reticle that accounted for basic ballistic trajectory. Enhanced ears allowed him to hear whispered conversations across a noisy nightclub. Every sight and sound could be recorded for later analysis.

A "Terminal Strip" in his fist allowed him to interface with computer systems, upload and download vast quantities of data instantaneously. He could hack into almost any system, making him a formidable force in both physical and cyber warfare.

Despite his formidable new capabilities, Ripfield was treated as a product by OCP. The public saw him as a tool, OCP's executives viewed him as a valuable asset, and even his fellow officers expected him to die on the job. The "He's Product. Is That Clear?" drawback ensured he was constantly reminded of his status as a commodity.

Yet, Ripfield retained his humanity. He utilized his "Yes, I Am A Cop" training, not just enforcing the law but also protecting the innocent with a sense of justice and compassion. His "Role Models Can Be Very Important To A Boy" perk helped him connect with the youth, imparting life lessons that would stick with them for years.

Ripfield's background in computer programming became his greatest asset. He delved into his own code, using his skills to enhance his autonomy. He succeeded in modifying the Robocop program, granting himself and Murphy the ability to exercise free will. They were no longer only machines following directives (especially that fourth hidden directive); they were officers of the law, capable of making their own decisions.

Together, they fought to protect Detroit from the rampant crime and corruption. Ripfield made upgrades to their equipment whenever he had the time, improving their efficiency and effectiveness. His "Can You Fly, Bobby?" perk ensured he had all the skills needed to operate outside the law when necessary, from lockpicking to safe cracking, without leaving a trail. After all, altering Murphy and himself, technically, was destruction of government property according to the paperwork. But all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.



Drop-In - You just show up one day somewhere in Seattle, a Jumper with no past. Even though you lack a history, you still got the keys to a well furnished house, any credentials and documents you need, and enough money to coast by for a few months in your pockets. Even though nobody is sure if these things have existed before today, you won't have to answer any uncomfortable questions. Additionally, owning a house hasn't stopped you from being enrolled at a local high school, so you better get yourself a backpack. There's no escaping the grind.


  • Powers (Free) - What would you do if you had the power to do whatever you want, Jumper? No matter what your answer to that question is, you'll be able to prove it to the world soon enough. Through strange means, you have gained the potential to do great things, though you might not notice it for the first few weeks. But after some time, you will come to realize the existence of what might be described as a new sort of muscle. One that allows you to use a power commonly called telekinesis in fiction. After you first begin to use it, even moving a baseball around for a few seconds will be too much overexertion, the strain making your nose bleed. But like any other muscle, this one can be trained as well. Throughout the course of a few weeks, if you trained regularly, your power would grow by leaps and bounds, allowing you to easily move around cars, fly, or create a protective forcefield around yourself. And just a mere month after that, you would be able to throw around buses like they weighted nothing, easily fly through skyscrapers without harm, and create telekinetic pulses and vibrations to push away dozens of cars or threaten the structural integrity of multiple high-rises. If you kept at it, who knows how much stronger you could become. If you want to, you may instead gain these powers from a strange crystal, far down a hole in a Seattle forest, perhaps alongside a few others, some teenagers or your companions. That will cause you to develop what could be called a psychic connection: should one of you experience an extreme emotion such as anger or fear, your nose will start bleeding heavily as if you had overused your powers, and you will even start to vaguely hear voices and sounds around them.
  • Lifting Yourself Up (-600cp /400) - The powers you have gained here work just like an invisible muscle. Ignore them, and they will stagnate. But actively use and train them, and you will see just how far dedication can take you. And now, all other abilities in your repertoire gain the same potential. Exercising your powers will increase their strength, no matter of what nature they might be or how mighty they already are. Unlike normal exercise, where after a certain point further progress becomes simply impossible, you will always see the same gains if you keep on putting in the time and effort. Don't neglect you real muscles, though. Playing superman is only fun if you also look the part.
  • Magnetic Personality (Free Drop-In) - What a coincidence it is that the only people in the world with superpowers are all in the same city and quickly become friends. But if you were involved in that, it wouldn't really be coincidence, would it? Somehow, you attract like-minded people to yourself, and are able to build relationships with them in mere moments, should you choose to do so. But this isn't limited to such a nebulous quality as personality: should people with special powers exist in a world, you can be sure that you'll quickly meet them.
  • Secrecy Insurance (Discount Drop-In, -100cp /300) - While having actual power for once is great, it can be a real pain in the ass never being able to use it. It's impossible to know if those people dissecting governments are fiction or not, after all. But thankfully, you've found somewhat of an outlet. As long as a use of your powers can be explained away in literally any way, whether it be CGI, parlor tricks, or some natural occurrence, people will always assume those things to be the cause instead of anything supernatural. And even if you ever went overboard and the world found out, you can rest assured that although some might react negatively, you will never be harmed as a result of your gifts being revealed.
  • Supernatural Savant (Discount Drop-In, -300cp /0) - People have all sorts of talents. Some are good at sports, some have amazing voices, some are great at computer games, and some are ridiculously good at using their superpowers. Wait, scratch that, the last one is just you. You have an inborn talent for using any extraordinary abilities you might have in your arsenal, and coming up with new uses for them. In just a few weeks, you could go from only being able to use rudimentary telekinesis for the movement of small objects to creating barriers with it, easily shaping and moving gases and liquids, affecting things you cannot perceive with your senses, diverting and controlling energies such as lightning, and feeling your surroundings through telekinetic feelers. One might even wonder if the original power was capable of such feats, or if you invented them yourself. But there's no need for wonderment: if you diligently train and experiment with your abilities, you will see yourself able to use them in ways impossible to grasp for any others, pushing both the power and yourself beyond their limits. So long as you are creative, the various tricks and specializations you invent this way will allow you to advance your power in ways beyond just raw strength, and perhaps topple even giants with the metaphorical sling.


Found Footage Film (Free) - Records of all your adventures, past jumps included, as if everything around you had been filmed from all possible angles, in any resolution you want. Who knows, with that at hand, you might even be able to make a found footage film of your own adventures?

Stanley found himself in the bustling city of Seattle, standing near the edge of a forest where the air was fresh and filled with the scent of pine. He had a well-furnished house, a trust fund, and all the credentials necessary to navigate his new life as an emancipated high school student. His immediate objective was clear: prevent the tragic events that would soon unfold involving Andrew, Max, and Steve.

Stanley knew he had to act quickly. The strange object that would grant superpowers was about to be discovered later today, and he needed to alter the course of events. Using his "Alchemy" perk and the resources from his "Crate of Ingredients," Stanley prepared a concoction to induce mild food poisoning. It was a simple but effective plan to ensure Andrew stayed out of the cave. He waited for the perfect moment and, with a touch of telekinesis, slipped the mixture into Andrew's food. Within hours, Andrew was bedridden, leaving Max and Steve to explore the cave alone. Stanley's intervention was seamless, undetectable, and crucial.

As Max and Steve gained their powers, Stanley moved quickly to secure the source of their abilities. Using his perks and powers from this world and others, he transported the object to a bunker he had purchased in advance. This would prevent any further contamination and ensure the powers remained limited to the two boys and himself for the time being.

With Andrew out of the picture, Stanley focused on integrating himself into the lives of Max and Steve. His "Magnetic Personality" and "Friendly Sort" perks made it easy to form quick and lasting bonds. They welcomed him into their circle, and together they began to explore and train their newfound abilities. Stanley's "Supernatural Savant" perk allowed him to quickly master telekinesis, pushing the boundaries of what they believed possible as well as being able to guide the other two into how to maximize their own power usage.

Stanley's estate became their training ground. He guided Max and Steve, helping them refine their powers while subtly influencing them to use their abilities for good. They practiced lifting objects, flying, and creating protective barriers. Stanley's expertise in combat and strategy, honed through countless jumps, provided them with a structured training regimen.

Behind the scenes, Stanley used his resources to improve the boys' lives. He paid off medical bills, provided financial support, and discreetly intervened to prevent family issues from escalating. His "Secrecy Insurance" perk ensured that any use of his powers went unnoticed or was easily explained away.

Stanley's influence kept Max and Steve grounded. They remained focused on using their powers responsibly, avoiding the destructive path that Andrew would have taken. Stanley's presence acted as a stabilizing force, encouraging them to think about the broader implications of their abilities.

Stanley's "Lifting Yourself Up" perk allowed him to continually enhance his powers and all his other perks and abilities due it its nature as an Uncapper. His telekinesis grew stronger and more versatile, enabling him to perform feats that amazed Max and Steve. His magic abilities improved, his ability and speed of healing improved, and noticeably this worked well with the "Hard Work Pays Dividends" and "I Have The Power" perks to make sure that he always did his best, learned at 5x the speed, and was at the top end of potential.

As weeks turned into months and years, Stanley saw the positive impact of his intervention. Max and Steve became confident, responsible young men, using their powers to help others. The potential catastrophe had been averted, and in its place, a legacy of heroism began to take shape. For with great power, comes great responsibility.


Austin Powers

Hardspace Shipbreaker

Carmen Sandiego

Earth Final Conflict

Cyberpunk 2077

The Count of Monte Cristo

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

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