It’s hot!

Josh and I are strange people, we love the summer and the heat. In Arizona, we hit monsoon season. I had no idea what to expect, because I don’t remember it when I lived here as a kid. Come to find out it involves, storms (nothing in comparison to Texas), haboob (which is a huge dust storm), and dust devils or as I call them dustnadoes. People here look at me strange every time I say this word. I promise, I didn’t make it up!

All in all this leads to humidity, which we’re not a fan of. In honor of it being Friday and hot/humid, it’s time for a giveaway! To win a $20 gift card to Maggie Moos or Cold Stone (your choice! I’m a Maggie Moos kind of girl), tell me what you are doing to keep cool and enjoy the summer heat.

What am I doing? I’m enjoying the pool, eating tons of watermelon (I would give away a watermelon, but the shipping would be outrageous!), and eating ice cream with sprinkles daily.

Winner will be announced Monday! Winner – Nina Leckron! Whoo!

A photo taken before the first monsoon storm hit.

Nina - We are investing in a hammock so we can lay outside in the shade, and making lots of sun tea and mojitos with fresh mint from the Farmer’s Market!

NancyO - did you get any pictures of the actual monsoon?

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