Jeremy and Jeni

Jeni and Jeremy sat next to each other every day. They laughed and enjoyed getting through the workdays together. One day they realized there was something more between them. At first it was a the office secret, but then they let the news out. They even took a trip together and thought everyone at the office would notice since they took the same vacation time. Jeremy knew he was going to propose. He had to get all the details together and involve their families. He was going to propose and then take them on a celebration trip to Las Vegas. It was wonderful and they started their engagement celebrating in Vegas. To this day they still sit next to each other talking and laughing. They have the cutest banter I’ve ever heard and we talked way too much at their session!

I can’t wait for their wedding in June. It is going to be amazing.

So sweet.

Isn’t Jeni so beautiful when she smiles?

We busted out the mustaches for this session. It was awesome! I love this series.

Jeremy’s look for the wedding.;)

They even brought a HUGE red balloon.



rachel - ADORABLE mustache and lip props! what a sweet idea!

Michelle - These pics are SO great, Julie. You just keep getting better and better!

courtney - I love these pictures Julie!! :) Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

Jeff and Karen

She left her home of Peru to study in a new land. She was excited and looking forward to what this new journey had in store for her. Little did she know, she would find love. A person who made her happy, made her laugh, and taught her more about herself.

She took a job working at a cafeteria. She noticed her manager there because he was so cute. Realistically she knew she couldn’t date her manager, and what if he didn’t notice her? Well he did notice her, not only noticed, but fell in love with her. It all began by traveling to a new land to meet a man who she will now marry. Life took them exactly where they needed to go.

Larry & Laura - Your pictures are AWESOME! You can tell how much you love each other just by looking at them :)
Best Wishes!!

Jo Ann Holmes - We loved all the pictures. They are wonderful, and we are so happy for both of you.

Doug and Jo Ann

Adventures in Omaha

This blog hasn’t gotten enough love over the last four days. I’ve been in Omaha photographing engagement, family sessions and weddings. It’s been wonderful hanging out with clients friends and being behind the camera. I also got to second shoot with my amazing friend Lara Hanlon. I’ve already grown as a photographer in four days. Hopefully I’ll have some time to catch up and relax.

The only part I don’t like about traveling is being away from Josh and Murray. It’s weird having a whole bed to myself (I’m a bed hog so normally I’m fighting for room!). Below is a picture of Murray I took the night before I left. He loves to burrow himself in the pillows and sheets on the sofa. I just want to cuddle with him. Good thing Josh sends me tons of Murray texts.



amber - i love when you sound refreshed :)

Fifty Things that make me Happy

I was looking at my 101 in 1001 goal list and I decided this would be an easy and fun goal to accomplish. I put this goal on my list so when I’m having a bad day I can look at all the wonderful things in life that make me happy. I’ll be hitting my year mark in January and will be giving you a full update about where I am and hopefully get a few more goals I’ve accomplished blogged.

1)      A warm summer day

2)      A long hug

3)      Cuddling with Murray and Josh

4)      Going on little dates with Josh

5)      Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte








6)      Sitting at a park talking with a good friend

7)      Laughing

8)      Watching scrubs reruns








9)  Doing goofy dances to make people laugh

10)  Listening to Murray snore

11)  A cup of tea any day, but especially on cold ones








12)  Traveling to a place I’ve never been too

13)  Sitting by the ocean

14)  Going to the Texas State fair to eat a belly full of cotton candy

15)  Going to a concert and listening to the audience sing along to the songs

16)  Sharing a bottle of wine with friends and talking for hours

17)  The first dance at a wedding












18)  A midnight movie

19)  Giving little gifts

20)  Christmas with my family

21)  Making and Eating sugar cookies

22)  Having dinner with Josh and his Dad

23)  Someone telling you that they love you

24)  Watching the leaves change colors in the fall

25)  Watching kids play happily without a care in the world

26)  Seeing other photographers follow their dreams

27)  Sending/getting a supportive email

28)  Meeting new people

29)  Talking photography aka nerd talk

30)  Knowing my Mom was an awesome Mom

31)  Whole Foods Pizza Night

32)  Blue Bell Ice Cream (especially mint chocolate chip)








33)  Running barefoot in the yard through the sprinklers

34)  Laying by the pool

35) The way the sun hits the mountains

36) A massage (bye bye knots)

37)  Thinking about our wedding

38)  Goofy greeting cards

39)  Sushi dinner

40)  Dorky facebook and twitter updates

41)  Anything and everything related to pumpkins (pie, donuts, cake, scones, and just plain ol pumpkins)

42) Friends that encourage you, laugh with you, and help you become a better person

43)  Photographers who give back to the community

44)  A good business book. (yes, I’m a dork)

45) When Nikon releases a new awesome lens






46) Running in the rain and splashing in the puddles

47) Getting a new magazine

48) Photographing a couple in love

49) Going to the play tennis with the hubby

50) Red Vines and a Pickle (together or seperate)

Sarah Chatham - Julie I love this! Your list makes me happy :D

Scarlett’s Save the Date

My clients are awesome. I say that all the time (really, I do). They are talented, funny, creative, and just all around awesome people (and I’m not just sucking up, well… maybe a little). I get their invitations in the mail and I thought I would start sharing them with you so maybe you could be awesome too!

Scarelett made these save the dates herself with a little help from etsy. All the wonderful vendors she used are listed below.

magnet by etsy shop: sublimedesign

monogram stamp by etsy shop modernart

the matchbook and envelope liner (hand cut) were from

Emily Snitzer - Stinkin cute! I wish I was that crafty!

T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k