Tony, Malissa, Maddie and Tristen

I’ve know Malissa since I was a little girl. Her family would get together with my family and take adventures to the white mountains or San Diego. I love that my family surrounds themselves with wonderful people and they become part of our family. Malissa and Tony have two beautiful daughters. They all smile and laugh together. Maddie loves Jesse from Toy Story and brought her along. She was even Jesse for Halloween! How adorable. Tristen is just full of laughter. She loves cudding with her mom and dad. It was the perfect afternoon playing out at Saguaro Ranch Park.

Malissa - You do Amazing work!!! Thank you!

Leah Bockelman - Absolutely gorgeous!

Emily Snitzer - Cuteness!!

Emily, Boyd, Nora, and Nowell

Today is a perfect day to post this blog because it is Emily’s birthday. I did that on purpose.:)If you’ve read this blog then you’ve seen this family several times(here and here). They truly are my friends and photography soul mates. Boyd and Emily are incredible parents. They are laid back, laugh, and enjoy being a family. I look up to them and the love their family has. They know they are perfectly imperfect.

On a personal note, I will be out of town for the next six days on an adventure with several of my photographer friends to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I’m looking forward to laughing with my friends, talking about what is ahead for each of us, refocusing and taking some beautiful photographs. I have several blogs this week that will be posted, and I will be posting a few blogs from the mountains (I won’t forget about you!). I hope everyone is preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday next week and is planning on spending a lot of time with their families. So here I go on an adventure with good friends.


Scarlett - You’re so great at catching such precious moments. Love these!

Stephanie and Matt

They say that they’re opposites, but you couldn’t tell from talking to them. They love to laugh and make goofy faces to get the other one to react. Their love is laughter, it is cuddling on a cold fall day, and being with their new puppy. They look at each other and smile like they know what the other one is thinking. Matt loves to give Stephanie a hard time and she gives him that look back. It’s the little looks, kisses, and moments that make life so special. Their wedding in August is going to be full of so many beautiful moments and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

I was listening to a song by the talented Amy Seeley while editing these photos and the lyrics came on, “i found you and i love you and i see you for all you are, for all you are.” It just fits perfectly.

Their sweet hyper little puppy. So cute!






Aw.. love..


Stephanie is so beautiful.


Yes, she is laughing at Matt’s drawling.

Dawn, Bill, Will, Elly, and Jameson

A quick update about my trip to Omaha. Before I left, I was very nervous about finding a place to stay, booking sessions and having enough to do. Now that photography is my main source of income it’s a constant source of worry. I truly felt blessed for all the sessions I had booked and even added a session before I left! One of my worries was finding a place to stay. I had booked a hotel for part of the first week. One morning I headed to the starbucks down the street from the hotel to do a little editing (it’s basically my favorite place and a girl can’t go without her coffee). As I walked in, I noticed the person at the counter was my friend’s husband Jesse. Being the annoying person I am, I talked to him for 15 minutes. They offered their place without hesitation, and they were also going out of town so I could dog sit their cute/hyper dog Daisy. Right there I had extra sessions and a place to stay. It reminded me that God is good. I had been stressing about everything coming together and it did. In two weeks I had 10 sessions, second shot 2 weddings and 1 wedding of my own. I loved every second of it and enjoyed being busy.

I also had a chance to visit my good friends. I love the photography community in Omaha. I truly think it has the most generous and caring photographers. We’ve been there to support each other through the good and bad. It’s nice to know there are others there who can relate and give you guidance. I’m glad I have weddings booked next year so I can see all my amazing friends. (hopefully I’ll book more so I have an excuse to go there more often) Omaha is my second home, and I find myself missing it.

I won’t be posting all my mini sessions, but I wanted to share this one. I love watching families grow and change. It makes what I do even more important. You might remember this family from their session last year. Their kids have grown so much. Elly is still the goofy one, Will loves his mom, and Jameson is all smiles. Elly was making me laugh and had a ton of goofy faces. Will talked about Spider-man and how he helps people (he wants to be like him), and Jameson is still exploring the world around him. I got to run and play in leaves for an afternoon. It was an amazing fall day!

Brian and Kim

Kim has a beautiful story, one of loss and one of love. She has lost a parent which has connected us greatly since we met. From the moment I met them sitting together in Panera, Brian was making her laugh. They were sweetly holding hands and talking about their ideas for their wedding. Before Brian proposed to Kim, he went to her father’s grave to ask permission. He knew how much her father meant in her life. After meeting with her Dad, he went to her mom’s work to ask permission as well. Brian had taken that the day off to celebrate their 3 year anniversary, but the truth was he was preparing for the proposal. He is the cook in their relationship and prepared a delicious pasta dinner to surprise Kim. She walked in the door completely excited to spend an evening together celebrating their love. They opened their gifts together. Laughing that they bought each other the same dvd. Brian headed to the other room for a minute while Kim watched the tv and thought nothing about what was about to happen. He sat back down next to her, whispered sweetly, “I have a secret to tell you.” He then dropped down on one knee and asked for her to marry him. Of course she said yes!

I truly believe that her father brought Brian into her life. The way he cares for her, loves her, and makes her laugh. He likes to bring her flowers, give her sweet surprises, and is the shoulder she leans on. I’m so happy I’ve been blessed to capture such a beautiful love.



Laura - I am Kim’s Maid Of Honor and I am sooo impressed with the way these turned out! they are phenomenal you did a very wonderful job of capturing their personalities :-)

Jay Hinsley - Absolutely beautiful pictures! And the narrative is very touching. Brian, you make the rest of us (who perhaps don’t have quite the knack of proposing as down as you) look bad! Congratulations, Kim and Brian! Couldn’t be happier for you.

Kim - Julie, I love them!! You are truly amazing! And you told our story beautifully :) I know my Dad would love the photos :) We are so lucky to have found you, we can’t wait for you to celebrate our wedding day with us! :)

Erika - Amazing pictures Julie! And unbelievable story…I shed tears while reading it. ;( I hope someday you will be writing a similar story about me and the man my dad brings into my life! ;)

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