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There is something about this image that stuck out while I was editing. Its so simple, but shows parenthood. Angela feels at peace in her father’s arms. There is nothing that can bother her as she looks out at the ducks on the lake. Jeremiah (Angela’s father) is just soaking in this moment and just loving her.

I can only image how difficult being a parent is, but its moments like these that make it the greatest thing you will ever do. The rest will be up tomorrow.

Scuba Murray!

Murray makes us laugh a lot. He has a personality of an old man and will get grumpy when you make him do things he doesn’t love, like swimming. When we moved into our new house we were worried about how Murray would do with the pool. We found out quickly that he couldn’t swim so the solution was to purchase a life vest.  He looks absolutely ridiculous in it! The pool was not his friend in the beginning and we used the tactic of putting treats in front of his nose to get him moving. (he is a beagle after all and loves food more then anything. Clever guy!) After a few weeks of regular lessons, Murray is starting to like it. The fear is gone and he is starting to get around without treat motivation.:)Have a Happy Friday!

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedAt the end he always pouts like a little kid. Its hilarious!

Jeni + Jeremy

I struggle blogging weddings. It’s not because they aren’t full of love. The problem is, how do you describe to people who weren’t there, the intense emotion that filled the day?  These words I write will hopefully help give life to the story.

So, here they are, my simple words telling you about love. About closeness. Laughter. Starting a new family.

Jeni and Jeremy’s wedding were all these things and more. It’s a story of office cube mates, who became friends and fell in love. They are now in the next chapter of their lives together. The moments from this wedding that resonated with me were when Jeni teared up after opening her gift from Jeremy. Her face showed the intense love Jeremy has for her by picking out a necklace that is just Jeni. Another moment was when Jeni’s parents gave her a kiss sneak attack on the cheek and everyone laughed. My favorite moment was when I stole the couple away during the reception to snap photos. They took some time to just talk about how crazy it is they are married. Then, it was perfectly quiet, except for the camera shutter. Jeni looked over at Jeremy and in the most loving way said, “I love you.” So sweet, simple and perfect.

Marriage is not easy, but it makes you grow. makes you better. and gives you something to fight for.

Thank you! Thank you for allowing me to be at your wedding.

Also, a shout out to my awesome second shooter Jaime De La Cruz.

Event Coordinating: Gatherings by Lisa

Cinamatography: Cue Motion

Photographer: Julie Branyan Photography

Gown Boutique: Bridal Traditions

Hair Stylist: Tangles Salon

Cake Artist: Nancy’s Cake Shop

Florist: Hyvee

DJ: Crusin’ Music



Jeremy cleaned the sand out of Jeni’s shoes. What a great guy!

The ring bearer was too cute!

Oh Jeni! You are SO beautiful!


I stole them away from the reception for a few photos at sunset

Just Love

Because they are.;)

Nina and Tony’s Wedding Invitation

Nina is super talented and I was so amazed by her creativity, so I thought I would share her DIY wedding invitation. (You might remember her wedding, her beautiful face is all around my site). Nina’s wedding was book inspired since her and Tony love to read. She hand stamped the invitations and purchased custom made stamps from Etsy to complete the look. Its difficult to tell from the photo, but the outside cover is a beautiful thick paper with a tiny bit of shine. The words on the front are raised as well. The invitation was assembled with gold string.

If you would like any of the details for where Nina purchased any of the items for her invitation, send me an email at

DIY wedding invitation

Beautiful hand stamped cover

Love the stamp they had made and they even used it in their wedding details

Life has been..

a combination of exciting, happy, busy, exhausting, adventurous, great and perfect.

Murray and I survived our first week without Josh around. Normally I’m the one leaving town so it was strange to have our rolls reversed. Murray wanted to drive me crazy by waking up at 3am every night thinking Josh was coming through the door. Poor guy, but the barking has to stop!

The last month of travel back to Omaha has been invigorating for my business and happiness level. The winter off was way too long and I forgot how much I love being behind the camera. I’ve been so blessed to meet these wonderful couples and families. It felt like I’d known these couples for years and I’m just there hanging out with my camera. It’s truly been a year more than I could have asked for. It’s been my crazy dream, that is growing into something bigger. (Especially for a goofy Texas gal with an undying love for chick-fil-a).

I’ll be back in Omaha in just a few short weeks for another wedding. I’m living out of a suitcase at the moment, I try not to, but it’s too convenient and I’m slightly lazy (but don’t tell).

A week after that, I’ll be going to Florida for some time with my incredible god family. It will be 4 days of taking photos, laughing, cooking Greek food (moussaka!), and drinking tons of wine. No matter how long the time has been since we’ve seen each other, it feels like I’ve never left.

Last! I promise to be a regular blogger again! Even if its one image, there will be something most days. There is no more blog laziness and I expect some comments if I’m slacking to keep my rear in shape. (yes, I really do say rear, its a Texas thing) So come back often for randomness, some fabulous weddings and maybe a contest or two. I leave you with one image from Jeni and Jeremy’s wedding in Columbus, NE. Yes, I’m a bit of a tease, but it will make you come back tomorrow.

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