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Well hello there!

Me: Well hello there.. Friend: Hello.. Um.. Who is this? Me: It’s me Julie, the owner of this blog…. Friend: Um there is a blog here??I thought it was just where some old post from July went to die.. Haha. Well that is the conversation I’ve had with several people since I stopped writing back […]

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It’s hot!

Josh and I are strange people, we love the summer and the heat. In Arizona, we hit monsoon season. I had no idea what to expect, because I don’t remember it when I lived here as a kid. Come to find out it involves, storms (nothing in comparison to Texas), haboob (which is a huge […]

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Scuba Murray!

Murray makes us laugh a lot. He has a personality of an old man and will get grumpy when you make him do things he doesn’t love, like swimming. When we moved into our new house we were worried about how Murray would do with the pool. We found out quickly that he couldn’t swim […]

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Life has been..

a combination of exciting, happy, busy, exhausting, adventurous, great and perfect. Murray and I survived our first week without Josh around. Normally I’m the one leaving town so it was strange to have our rolls reversed. Murray wanted to drive me crazy by waking up at 3am every night thinking Josh was coming through the […]

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101 in 1001: Quitter

 I walked into the Starbucks in Lincoln to perform my pre-wedding ritual of enjoying a veggie breakfast sandwich and grande black tea. I like to sit in the store for an hour to relax and get my thoughts together for the day. It was a gloomy day but the planters outside were filled with […]

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