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Boyd, Emily, Nora and Nowell

God has brought some amazing people in my life. It’s always funny to me that He brings them at the right time. I admit through September and October my energy was running very low. I was struggling with exhaustion and losing a lot of passion in my work. I think it’s something most artists go through and it’s difficult to manage a business and keep the passion for what you love. Anyway, Emily sent me an email to get together for a session for Nora’s birthday. They recently moved all the way to Minnesota back in August so I was excited to see them again! Their session totally re-energized me and it felt like seeing old friends. One of the reasons I love this job so much is the relationships. The session I had with them back in May Nowell was crawling and this time he was up and walking around. It was so cool to see. Nora and Nowell have grown so much and have the sweetest personalities. Nora had me laughing talking about animals (inside joke). Boyd and Emily are the most amazing parents. I mean AMAZING. They are down to earth, funny, and just so full of love. I absolutely love spending time with this family. I can’t wait to see you next time you all are in town. Emily – coffee is on me next time!

















Megan and Corey

Please excuse any typos/grammatical errors that may occur in this blog. My editor Josh is sleeping and it’s 1am so I’m not 100% awake.

First, I will warn you this post is FULL of love.  Megan and Corey completely opened up and trusted me during this photo session. They showed me the  amazing passionate love they have for each other. I admit while I was editing the photos I was almost in tears because there is so much emotion here.

I met Megan over a year ago, she is my spectacular hair stylist. When she contacted me back in August about photographing her wedding I was ecstatic. When I met with them outside of starbucks one summer evening, I saw what a wonderful man she had chosen to spend the rest of her life with. Corey is so smitten with Megan from the way he looks at her, kisses her, and sweetly just loves on her. At starbucks, I remember just talking about all these ideas they had for their engagement session. Since I’ve been in Omaha I’ve been desperately waiting to photograph on a farm. Megan and Corey both grew up on farms in small towns outside of Omaha. It is such a special place for them to remember where they started and to see where they are going.

I loved everything about this session; the incredible light, beautiful location and all the preparation Megan went though (she borrowed a chair from her Mom which we dragged all over the land). Honestly, this session was more than I ever could have imaged. I can’t explain how much it means to me to capture their love. Thank you so much for opening up to me. I truly can’t wait for your wedding next May.

*Update: click here to view the slideshow.


Let’s start with the way Corey looks at Megan


My favorite. Do you feel this moment? It is perfect.


You have to have a chair out in the middle of a farm


Megan is stunning!



You have to have goofiness at my sessions.


Love this one!


Yes, I did the worst thing a photog can do and posted the same photo from two different angles (sorry, its my blog and I couldn’t decide)


You guys are so amazing.


Another favorite. This one just gives me chills.


She is ridiculously beautiful!


Laughter is my favorite too.


The light on the farm was perfectly incredible.



They are working their model selves.



Favorite…. Do I need to say more?


Yes, another favorite.



Oh my goodness. I just have no words for their love.


Nate, Mary, Seanna, and Lilly

Oh my goodness, this session was so much fun. Mary found two wonderful locations for us to explore. I loved that we went to a park and downtown Papillion to get some great photos with an urban feel. For family sessions it is worth it to go to different locations to find spots with textures. I promise it gives your photos a little something something.

Mary, Nate, Seanna and Lilly were so much fun to spend the afternoon with. There is so much love in this family. The park we went to is where Mary and her girls go for walks . Seanna was the one leading the way and Lilly was hanging back watching everything that was going on. These girls are so full of life! Seanna and Lilly were natural models in front of the camera. Seanna was busting out all the model moves and the walk too.

Thank you SO much for letting me spend time with your family. You all are amazing!



Mary loving on her girls.






There is that model smile


Playing in the leaves is my favorite.


I love the emotion you see in their hands. so sweet.




Lilly and Mom


Seanna playing in more leaves


My favorite. Isn’t Lilly adorable?


Another favorite


Absolute favorite!

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