Ian and Amanda

Amanda and Ian love to make each other laugh. They were willing iq option deposit methods to jump into any spot, get dirty and have fun.

When they asked to go to Sedona I was super pumped. It’s one of the most beautiful places. It’s even more special because that’s where Ian asked Amanda to marry him at Oak Creek surrounded by friends.

They are both from Iowa so they had to represent with ISU gear. They will be getting married there next year and their wedding will be photographed by the fabulous Daniel Dunlap.

So glad I got to spend the afternoon hiking and laughing with them!

Amanda iq option withdrawal limit is GORGEOUS!

Go Iowa State!

Adrian, Kerry, and Eliza

Eliza is a very happy eight and a half month old baby. She smiles at you from the moment you enter the room. Her favorite things are playing peek-a-bo, dancing, and playing with her doggie Roadie. It was an afternoon full of iq option vip account benefits fun and laughter. Adrian and Kerry just light up every second they are around their beautiful daughter.


Aw..snuggles with Mom

A Beautiful orange dress and Kerry even wore shoes to match:)Roadie is in the back watching over everyone.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

Her favorite spot is up on Daddy’s shoulders

Well hello there!

Me: Well hello there..
Friend: Hello.. Um.. Who is this?
Me: It’s me Julie, the owner of this blog….
Friend: Um there is a blog here??I thought it was just where some old post from July went to die..

Haha. Well that is the conversation I’ve had with several people since I stopped writing back in July. Yes, July 2011, that hot month people in Arizona hate. Hmm.. Im sure you’re all curios about the reason I stopped writing… That’s a difficult answer, but here goes…
1) I was really unhappy with my day job like unable to pull myself out of bed. I’m happy to say that has turned around a bit due to a new job
2) moving my business killed me…. Truth time: I let it. I haven’t connected with clients here. For many reasons: some $$(a lot $), not being confident, and people refusing to provide me with a hot meal.. If I hear that one again I may spew molten lava out of my nose (not sure how it works but it could happen)
3) failure: yes, I felt that constant voice in my head. Tack on being exhausted, hating your job and losing passion. Have I failed at photography? In some ways yes, I’ve decided to no longer photograph weddings. It was my passion for years the pickle to my wine (what? Wine and pickles is odd? Try awesome!) or the chocolate to my wine (better?), but I don’t have the strength to carry on. Nor the energy to photograph everything for free aka huge discount (its a whole different rant, but people who own business are trying to take care of themselves, family and stay afloat. Don’t forget that people!)
4) I couldn’t admit any of this to anyone or the jealousy I felt for those succeeding. Let’s just say its been a dark place, but I’m putting it behind me. I photographed my last wedding a week ago and I feel relief. I have this space, my blog where I can start over, where I can go back to the days of this being a blog filled with writing, just photographs of whatever, and things I’m loving posts. There will be new things too.. Like… Cooking…crafting…pickles? Maybe pickles… Gosh they are delicious…
I hope you’ll stay, follow along, and share your stories. Because its time to move on and leap to new adventures. Whose ready to leap with me?

The best pickles ever and of course they are from Texas!

Farrah - Look forward to see more posts from you! Miss you Julie!

Emily Snitzer - Glad you’re back :) Smile and find what you love and be confident in it! You rock, girl.

Emily - Can we hold hands and scream like 6 year olds when we do?—-Then I am game. :)

Kimberly Pardi - Yay!! Glad you’re back. I’m sorry to hear about the dark place (believe me, I’ve been to mine too…maybe kinda still there in some ways), but I’m happy to see that you’re refusing to let it kill everything you’re passionate about. Look forward to following your stories, photos, & writing again. It’s inspiring! :)

It’s hot!

Josh and I are strange people, we love the summer and the heat. In Arizona, we hit monsoon season. I had no idea what to expect, because I don’t remember it when I lived here as a kid. Come to find out it involves, storms (nothing in comparison to Texas), haboob (which is a huge dust storm), and dust devils or as I call them dustnadoes. People here look at me strange every time I say this word. I promise, I didn’t make it up!

All in all this leads to humidity, which we’re not a fan of. In honor of it being Friday and hot/humid, it’s time for a giveaway! To win a $20 gift card to Maggie Moos or Cold Stone (your choice! I’m a Maggie Moos kind of girl), tell me what you are doing to keep cool and enjoy the summer heat.

What am I doing? I’m enjoying the pool, eating tons of watermelon (I would give away a watermelon, but the shipping would be outrageous!), and eating ice cream with sprinkles daily.

Winner will be announced Monday! Winner – Nina Leckron! Whoo!

A photo taken before the first monsoon storm hit.

Nina - We are investing in a hammock so we can lay outside in the shade, and making lots of sun tea and mojitos with fresh mint from the Farmer’s Market!

NancyO - did you get any pictures of the actual monsoon?


Angela is full of little looks and smiles. She is smart and I think she already knows it.:)She loves books, listening to her father sing, and exploring. Sylvie and Jeremiah are wonderful parents and just love on their daughter. During the session Angela got fussy, had the saddest little face and everyone just laughed. They love learning more and more about their daughter everyday and seeing her personality.

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedLove this moment!

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